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SW8 Track Work Goes Vertical!

Sunday 21st May 2017
With GCI being on site for the past few weeks it was only time until track work started. 

Today the pile of mud starts to get interesting! Inside the concrete station GCI have begun putting up frame work for the rollercoaster. Foundations are still being poured around the rest of the site with metal brackets added to the foundations ready for wood over the next few weeks. We don't expect to see anything major going on outside until all foundations are complete. 

Also spotted in the car park / build area is some strange metal work that we believe could be for internal workings of the ride. 

A Sunny SW8 Update!

Sunday 14th May 2017
Not much has changed since our last update, the rebar has been replaced by concrete and brackets have been placed to set the positions for the wood however have not been fixed into position but it heavily hints to wood going on site soon.

Apart from that not much work has progressed, but it seems that construction might be picking up pace very soon.

Wood Arrives Onsite At Alton Towers

Monday 8th May 2017
Work on SW8 is continuing nicely! Footers are being poured left right and centre with the top end of the site looking complete and ready for rollercoaster construction! Meanwhile near the information kiosk near the edge of the site parts of the path have been dug up with new cables laid. Possibly for getting power to the SW8 site? 

As mentioned briefly in our previous construction update, the big news of the week is that rollercoaster manufacturers GCI are now onsite and setting up a workshop ready to build the rollercoaster over the next few weeks. With wood and metal brackets arriving on site over the weekend we expect that small sections of the ride will go vertical by the end of the month.

Great Coasters International Arrive on Site

Thursday 4th May 2017
GCI Arrived on site today. This signifies that most of the ground work is done and work is about to commence with the coaster itself. It is expected that wood will arrive on site sometime soon, most likely before next week.

SW8 Whats in the concrete building

Saturday 29th April 2017
SW8 Whats in the concrete building!? One question thats left us thinking have the park done another smiler to us and not released the full plans. On the first and second photos on the photo gallery below theres a section where something could enter the bottom of the station and then quickly exit to the side. Although this is just a fan theory it would make sense!

Meanwhile across the rest of the site, concrete footers have started to be poured towards the top of the site. Reflecting back and comparing this to other projects that Merlin have done this one is by far the most advanced by this stage.