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Calm after the Storm

Sunday 2nd July 2017
After the manic week that has been the SW8 site, we visited today to find the site deserted after those working on site have a well deserved day off! Not much has changed due to this fact but it does allow us to see where all that hard work has gone. A little more work has progressed during our last update but not much. Mainly just more for the first drop section.

SW8 First Drop Construction

Friday 30th June 2017
In the last of our daily updates of this week yet more of the lift hill for the ride has been constructed. And the first wooden struts of the first drop have been put into place. More concrete walls have been added to the station building and foundations continue to be poured in the pit. With more metal rebar yet to be filled it's still a long way off.

Lift Hill Work Continues

Wednesday 28th June 2017
Work on the lift hill of the new rollercoaster continues again today despite the rain. 

Lift Hill Goes Vertical

Tuesday 27th June 2017
We arrived at Alton Towers today and the lift hill for SW8 has started to go up. We will update with more information and photos as we get them.

SW8 Update: 17/06/17

Saturday 17th June 2017
The Sun was shining and construction was in full swing on the wonderful Saturday at Alton Towers. The site has progressed a lot since our absence from the park due to us galavanting around Europe. The theming structure we reported on a few months ago and coming along nicely. 

The site is starting to come along with several areas of the site starting to come together, mainly near the station area with most of the building taking shape and wooden track structure coming out of the station. 

There was lots of activity on the site with around 20+ people on site and towards the end of the day several identical track pieces were moved from the car park onto the SW8 site. After investigating the track pieces and comparing to other wooden coasters these pieces highly resemble a transfer track.

It is an exciting time at Alton Towers at the moment and I'm sure when we next look at the site there will be much more to report on as process seems to be moving at a rockets pace.