Terror Tomb

Terror Tomb

In the days preceding Tomb Blaster, guests could enter the forbidding Terror Tomb and join a harrowing journey through the booby-trapped filled catacombs with Abdab, a greedy tomb robber bent on stealing the priceless emerald. Along the way, guests would avoid surprise attacks from slithering serpents, narrowly avoid a spiking and see the craziest and most rockin' finale of any ride ever! Abdab can be found today keeping watch over guests in the queue for Vampire.

The experience would start as guests passed the snoring Abdab, asleep at his ticket office in the tomb. A secret door would slide open to allow guests entry into the tomb. Here, they boarded a train and rounded a corner where Abdab, now awake, would yell angrily at the passengers. ''The emerald's mine! You hear? I'm telling you, they'll get you in there, they'll get you all right!'' The train made its way up the ramp and under a rolling boulder overhead. 

At the top of the ramp, Abdab unleashed hundreds of snakes through a hole in the wall and into the pit below. Every now and again, a serpent would leap up from the pit and hiss at the startled passengers. ''You've come too far now!'' Abdab warned ''I told you the emerald's mine!''

After passing more slithering snakes, the train would come to a stop before huge wooden spikes bound by ropes waiting to swing up from the ground and impale the helpless passengers. Abdab would be squatting down on a platform clutching a metal pin in the floor. ''This will finish you!'' he declared ''You're going to get spiked!'' With that, he lifted the pin out from the floor and was spun round on the platform, and got stuck behind the wall. ''What's this?'' We heard him say ''A secret passage!'' A small room illuminated to the left showing Abdab reaching into a stone sarcophagus. ''I've found it!'' he proclaimed before reaching in too far and tumbled head over heels into the coffin. The lid closed down, accompanied by a grimacing mummy holding the emerald that Abdab was searching for.

The train moved out of the chamber and past a jackal in a cage, a skeleton being lowered into a fire pit and some shadows throwing hatchets at the passengers before encountering another cackling mummy. The train would rotate to travel past a Lava Pit with a huge statue of the God Anubis. Abdab clung onto a collapsing obelisk as he tried to reach for the emerald, now worn on a ring on the statue's paw. 

The train travelled through a spinning tunnel before emerging in a chamber where a mummy clutching an electric guitar began to sing a heavy metal rock song. ''Gonna spike your brain! Gonna split your soul! You'll be a slave, under my control!'' Abdab was trapped in an iron maiden, bound by leather straps. He looked on helplessly as the mummy turned to him and said: ''You dare to steal the ancient jewel, so now you shall become a ghoul!'' Three female mummy dancers appeared in front of a silver strip curtain as the music climaxed and the lid was shut on the villainous Abdab. 

We left this scene and into a corridor in which mummies jump out at the passengers providing a final big scare. We finally encounter Abdab, now one of the tomb's ghouls as he taunts us and boasts the emerald is his forever.

The ride was closed in 2001 and became Tomb Blaster the following year. Abdab can still be found watching over guests in the queue for Vampire.

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