Alton Towers 2014/2015

Alton Towers 2014/2015

December 23rd 2014:

Christmas is just two days away however Alton Towers has decorated both of its hotels for its Santa Sleepover events and people passing through. The conference centre which been transformed for Christmas with business hiring it out for christmas parties complete with a bar, dance floor and a stage. The entrance to the Splash Landings Hotel has been changed slightly with a Christmas tree on the roof of the entrance archway and Christmas trees and decorations throughout the hotel. 

The Alton Towers Hotel has also received a festive makeover with a Christmas tree outside near the spa and Christmas decorations on the stair cases near the pirate ship in the middle of the hotel. On the third floor in the corner where you can find a TV displaying a live video feed of the band on ship a old piece of theming from Toyland Tours can be found! A old nutcracker soldier from the ride has been brought out of storage and has been put on display for Christmas. The waterpark is also sporting christmas with christmas music playing throughout the day with some life guards also spotted wearing christmas hats for the event! There's no denying that Alton Towers looks amazing at Christmas. 

December 7th 2014:

Work on the Enchanted Village at Alton Towers is well underway with the lodges being fitted and the tree houses being finished off. Grass banks are being built in-between the tree houses and the lodges to separate them. The new restaurant for the village, The Crooked Spoon is making good progress with a roof being added to make the building water tight for the cold winter months ahead.

The Enchanted Village looks really good in person when compared to the photos where it looks like some random buildings in the middle of a field.We believe there are about 40 lodges in the area with each building hosting 2 separate rooms. We cant wait to see what the finished product will look in when they open to the public in April 2015. 


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