Thorpe Park 2014/2015

Thorpe Park 2014/2015

January 31st 2015:

Thorpe Park is set to open in 2 weeks time for February Half Term 2015 with Stealth and The Swarm being the only rollercoasters open for the event. The park was full of activity at around 5pm on Friday 30th with people working around the park painting buildings and men in vans spotted around Zodiac and Vortex. Zodiac looks to have received new parts with some of the frame work looking new and shiny from across the lake. Vortex had vans going past and stopping outside dropping off parts for a good 10 minuets. Rush looks to still be untouched with the ride looking the same as it did back in our first closed season update in November 2014. It would also appear that the dome is getting some work done to it with the Bar 360 sign taken down from outside the dome and lots of items in plastic sheets spotted outside.


Making our way down Monks Walk from Loggers Leap to the Rumba Rapids area we spotted lots of recent changes since our last visit. The trough at Loggers Leap appears to have been jet washed with it looking cleaner that we've seen it ever before! It would appear that the park have been clearing more trees in the ride area with views of the ride being more open than before. In our last update we reported about the tunnel making a return this year and we once again have more photos of what we believe is the tunnel. At the highest point of the ride you can just see the roof on one of the photos before following the ride all the way down to the old tunnel which appears to have been untouched. The new wooden structure is directly above the pump room for the first lift hill which is why we believe that the tunnel could be back for good! At the final drop it would appear that two of the drainage rails have been removed or replaced, these were there on our way down the path but disappeared on our way back. 

The Rocky Express is slowly being put back together with arms and wheels spotted on the photos below, however the cars are yet to be moved from there resting positions from November. Looking through the gaps in the fence it would seem that Samurai is back on site following its downtime at the end of the season with the ride cars being outside the ride. The main ride arm its self was still down in its maintenance / storage position during our visit. Slammer is currently undergoing its maintenance with the ride being dismantled, the tops of the pillars have been removed and are currently outside the toilet block. Hopefully the ride should be back up and running for the start of the season.


Work for the 2016 attraction looks set to be continuing with vehicles seen moving around behind the fences. In our last update we saw that the park had added safety fences to stop people from getting photos and for site safety however luckily one of the fences has almost fallen over. It would appear that the concrete floor for the arena has now been removed however due to the angle that we can see the aren at from monks walk we cant see a lot. The Carousel is still in one piece with the ride remaining untouched still! 


One of the major changes since our last visit is the facade of the Asylum / Showcase building at the back. The wood that was covering the metal panels had become rotten over the past few years and has been removed. Theming from Miss’s Hippos Fungle Safari can still be seen on the walls with the glowing eyes panel still intact. Mr Monkeys Banana Boat ride is still under scaffolding however this area of the park is most likely going to be shut during February half term. The fans / heating system for the showcase / asylum building could be hared from outside along with drilling and builders. From where we were standing it also sounded like there was bass music coming from the X building however this could be nothing.


The Pizza Hut extension is almost finished with the sign removed from the top of the building with new lights and builders spotted inside the building. The outside of the building has now been cladded and painted white following the bare wood in our last visit. Rumba Rapids still has its boats lined up down the maintenance road with the metal barriers that were used in the arena being stored down the path. Nemesis Inferno still has one train in the station with the maintenance bay covered up by bin liners. The Tea Cups cans till be seen on there sides out the outside of the ride. 


All photos were taken from Monks Walk Public Footpath.

January 18th 2015:

Thorpe Park is due to open in less than 4 weeks time for its February Half Term event “Brainiac LIVE!” With a limited selection of rides available during the event activity around the park seems to still be high with lots off changes since our last update in December. 

Looking at the park across the lake we could see that since our last visit not much has happened to Vortex or Rush with both rides looking the same. Zodiac appears to still be undergoing its maintenance with the ride still tilted at 45 degrees for maintenance and a few of the arm supports missing. 

Walking down Monks Walk towards the farm we noticed that loggers leap has had a new belt fitted to the second lift hill, along with the roll back mechanisms being replaced. A few of the old ones can be found lying on the ground next to the Canada Creek Railway track. It would also appear that the evac stairs for the ride have been given some tender loving care over the past few weeks with a new none slip surface layed all the way up the evac stairs. In 2013 the tunnel for the ride was removed due to unknown reasons, however back in November we reported that there appeared to be scaffolding around the first drop area where the tunnel used to be. Looking into the distance the scaffolding we saw a while ago has disappeared with a new wooden structure in its place. We believe that it could mean that the tunnel has been replaced after it being absent and incomplete for the past 2 seasons. 

The Rocky Express looks like it is being put back together following the repaint of the ride supports and Samurai is still packed up with the ride lowered into its maintenance position. Following Slammer having its most successful operational season last year with the ride being open for 80% of the year the ride is currently under scaffolding. 

Thorpe Parks next biggest investment had its plans approved last week and it would appear that the park has stepped up work with fences being added along the space where the gate used to be next to the carousel side of the arena. We also believe that these fences have been added for health and safety reasons and to stop people uploading photos of the development *we don't know who would do such a thing! When zoomed into the photos it looks like the concrete floor of the arena has been removed with what looks like a fence being built for the emergency exit of X. The huge mound of dirt previously located on the Miss’ Hippos Safari Site has now all been removed. The Carousel looks to still be in one piece with rumours of the ride returning once more for February Half Term this year! 

Rumba Rapids is still undergoing its maintenance with a skip located within the maintenance area of the ride. Boats can be found along the maintenance road for as far as we could see! Although the line up for Brainiac Live hasn't been confirmed yet we believe that Nemesis Inferno may be opening for the event. As photographed below a train is currently in the station area with the maintenance track for the ride in the main section / not in the maintenance position. Work has progressed well with the Pizza Hut extension which looks set to become a Pizza & Pasta Buffet. The Tea Cups have been moved to within the ride layed on there sides ready to be put back together. 

The entrance area for the park has had no work done to it that we could see from the Annual Pass booth. This will be our last update until the first day of February half term! We hope that you have enjoyed our closed season updates. A full archive of them can be found on the features tab above. 

December 20th 2014:

With only 5 days left until Christmas work is still going on around Thorpe Park! Since our last visit to the park a few weeks ago a lot has happened from what we can see from Monks Walk. Over at loggers leap the belt has been taken off of the last lift hill with the rollers exposed. It would seem that the park has already started replacing a few of them with new ones spotted towards the top of the hill. The Rocky Express has been fully taken apart with the ride cars being laid on there sides at the side of the ride. Previously the Cabin In The Woods horror maze sign was still up however this has also now been removed and packed away for next year!

Over at the arena the park have been hard at work preparing the area for building work to commence once the park have got planning permission. The grand stand has now been fully removed with the grass bank also being removed and the area now being from what we can see flat and ready to be built on. The concrete floor has also been removed with the fire exit to X being visible on the photos below. It is currently unknown if the park will be forced to close X at certain points in the season next year. 

The Showcase is a small stage area that has housed the Rangers HQ show has also been removed! The Showcase has housed mazes from The Asylum to Studio 13 which we believe will be moved next year? Theming from the maze can be seen below in the photos, has been taking out of the building and left outside. The Carousel looks to still be intact with everything that we could see still being in one piece. Mr Monkeys Banana Boat ride looks to be undergoing its yearly maintenance with the ride currently under scaffolding. 

The Pizza Hut Buffet building has progressed a lot since our last update with walls and doors being added to the new extension. The park has confirmed that Stealth will be opening for February half term so we expect that the park will try open the new pizza pasta unit for the event. Looking at the park from the bank we could also see that Zodiac looks to be in the middle of being taken apart with the ride half put together and semi vertical. This will be our last update from the park for this year however we would like to wish all of our readers a very merry Christmas! 

November 29th 2014:

20 Days into the closed season and work is underway to prepare the park for the 2015 season which looks set to begin on Thursday 12th March. We start at the backend of the park where we could see an overview of the park with Saw the ride, Stealth and Rush in the distance. It appears that Rush and Vortex are yet to receive there yearly strip down for maintenance. Loggers leap appears to be untouched at the main drop however in the distance we could see some scaffolding, could this be the tunnel returning to the first drop? The belt that moves the boats to the top of the drops is still in place at the final drop with leaves gathering in the trough. Boats for the ride can still be found outside the entrance. 

The Rocky Express has been dismantled with the trains being laid on there side outside the Canada Creek Railway exit. It would appear that the supports for the ride have been given a fresh coat of green paint. Signs from around the park are being stored in the Canada Creek station such as the Rib Cage Challenge advertisement board. Previously used for Fright Nights a cart stand can still be seen blocking one of the entrances onto the railway track. The Cabin in the woods horror maze sign is still on the entrance to the maze however we expect this to be taken down before the main season starts.

The Carousel may have closed at the end of the season however the ride is still in one piece by the looks of it with a temporary fence being put up to stop people entering the construction site of the parks next project in the arena. The park have begun to remove the fences barricading in the area along with more trees being cut and the seating area concrete base being removed. It would also appear that the park will be using the Miss’s Hippos jungle safari site as just an access road to the site. We expect that the park will close this pathway next year so work can continue on the site. Further down the Miss’s Hippos site is the theming the park has removed to clear the area such as the Safari archway and the drumming jungle man which is yet to be removed. 

Towards the other end of the park the tea cups have been removed from the Storm In A Teacup Ride. Work is well underway to transform Pizza Hut into what we believe will be a Pizza Pasta Buffet unit. The park has completely gutted the Pizza Hut unit with just the exterior walls remaining, the unit looks to have had new foundations poured recently. In our previous update there was a Nemesis Inferno train in the station just sitting there however this train has now disappeared so we believe that the park has taken it down to component level like they do every year during the closed season. The water tower at Rumba Rapids appears to be having some work done to it with the maintenance hatch open with what appears to be a new pump in there. Boats for the ride can also be found scattered along the maintenance road. 

Whilst walking down the the farm area we came across a pile of metal with what we think is a stage light. Your guess is as good as our as to what this used to be part of / from. At what used to be the Thorpe Park farm you get an amazing view of the park! I can remember going to the farm as a child and looking across the lake and its fair to say the park really has changed over the past few years. For those people who can remember the Thorpe Park Farm, the route that the track used to take into the Farm train station has now become a swamp with parts of it being flooded as part of the parks infilling procedure. We hope to publish closed season photo updates every 3-4 weeks.

November 16th 2014:

Thorpe Park may only have closed a week ago today but work is well underway to improve the park for next year along with maintenance on rides. Loggers leap has had its boats removed and stored outside the entrance under tarpaulin.  Mentioned on our facebook page back in October, Pizza Hut looks set to be changed into a pizza pasta unit with the expansion of the restaurant being started. The outside court yard has been dismantled with the area being cornered off for work to start. 

A skip has been placed outside off one of the exits to the arena for rubbish and clearance work to continue.  With what appears to be wood on the concrete steps which used to be home to seats for the shows in the arena. The carousel which is leaving the resort this year looks to still be in one piece with the hippos safari site looking like it's going to be used as just a service road for the closed season. A big thank you to Sam C for the photos. Photos taken from monks walk foot path. 

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