Atlantis Submarine Voyage

Atlantis Submarine Voyage

Built for the 2011 summer season LEGOLAND Windsor built Atlantis Submarine Voyage a Sealife centre with a ride system inside it. You sit in a fake submarine and go around the sealife centre half submerged under water with glass sides all around the submarine. 

29th May 2011 - Ride Now Open:

The theming of the ride is really good however the submarines are hardly submerged under water as when you ride the ride you can see that just above the window of the submarine the water level lies however if you have children there wont be able to notice. The submarines really do look fantastic though.

30th March 2011 - First look inside:

Legoland have updated there Facebook page to show us what the inside of the new aquarium looks like. From the photos that we can see below we think that the ride submarines will be half submerged in the water just like the rumours have been saying. The theming of the aquarium looks fantastic so far and we cant wait to ride it when it opens.

15th February 2011 - The models arrive at park:

Models that are going to be installed in the Atlantis Submarine Voyage have arrived at the park ready to be installed into the ride. The models photographed below confirm that the ride will have a lost city of atlantis section to it. The scenes of the ride haven't been confirmed but with the two large modals shown here suggest were in for a treat.

27th November 2010 - Ride Advert Online:

LEGOLAND Windsor have uploaded a video ot there youtube channel showing us a preview of the ride and giving us some more information. The advert tells us that the ride will be opening summer 2011 and that you will be submerged to the bottom of the ocean possibly meaning that the submarines are going to go underwater?

7th September 2010 - Dino Dipper And Dino Safari Close For The Season:

The 7th September 2010 was the last day for the ride Dino Dipper as the ride was going to be removed from the Adventure Land due to the building work going on with Atlantis. The ride has will be taken out and put into storage whilst Dino Safari will just close and remain where it is whilst the new ride is built. 

25th May 2010 - Plans Released To The Council:

On Monday 25th May 2010 plans for the new multi million pound ride that Legoland is going to be installing for the 2011 summer season got released to the council. The plans show that this ride is going to occupy the space between Dino dipper and Dino safari and the picnic area. These plans show us that the ride is going to be a worlds attraction due to the fact that there is ride rails in the sealife centre. The Sealife centre is to have a 1 million litre fish tank full of tropical fish and other fish's.



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