Enchanted Village

Enchanted Village

April 16th 2015: 

The lodges and tree houses open to the public!


December 7th 2014:

Work on the Enchanted Village at Alton Towers is well underway with the lodges being fitted and the tree houses being finished off. Grass banks are being built in-between the tree houses and the lodges to separate them. The new restaurant for the village, The Crooked Spoon is making good progress with a roof being added to make the building water tight for the cold winter months ahead.

The Enchanted Village looks really good in person when compared to the photos where it looks like some random buildings in the middle of a field.We believe there are about 40 lodges in the area with each building hosting 2 separate rooms. We cant wait to see what the finished product will look in when they open to the public in April 2015. 


August 14th 2014:

Construction for the Enchanted Village at Alton Towers is underway to the left of the Alton Towers hotel. The lodges and treehouse’s are due to open in April 2015 and it looks like there making good progress already! The site isn't very active at the moment but we believe that once the closed season is here work will really start to happen. There are some footers at the edge of the site which we believe will be for the tree houses however at the moment they are just levelling out the ground for the lodges so not much to report on. Due to us being location down south mainly we wont have many updates on the lodges however we shall try out best to get updates on them. 



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