Mia's Riding Adventure

Mia's Riding Adventure

May 16th 2015:

Previously we had reported that Legoland Windsor where building a brand new ride for this year and today the ride was testing. Mia's Riding Adventure is a small Disco ride similar to the Kobra at Chessington but without the bump in the middle of the ride. Guests sit on multi coloured pony's with a back bar holding you in, the ride is set to have a minimum height restriction of 1.2m. During the ride testing today it was just going back and forth on the track and not spinning, we believe this will all change over the next few days when the ride is signed off and staff are trained.

April 25th 2015:

Lego Friends Heartlake City is due to open in a few weeks time with the area bringing a new lease of life in to the centre of the park. The train and Heartlake City Mall are due to open when the area is officially opened however one attraction, Digger Challenge has been dropped from the area line up. The attraction has been removed and looks to have been replaced with a ride similar to the Kobra at Chessington World Of Adventures. It looks like the ride will be very basic just like the ride Avatar Airbender at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and wont feature a bunny hop like the Chessington attraction. The ride is located towards the back of the Digger Challenge site going sideways so the two peaks of the ride are going left to right looking towards the area from the old entrance of Digger Challenge. We expect the rest of the unused area will be used for the queue line, entrance and theming. 

March 10th 2015: 

On the map three attractions have a coming soon description next to them on the map, two of these we already know what they are, the train and the Heartlake Shopping Mall however number 33 which we believe is a track ride has coming soon over it. Behind the text we can see green track which looks a little bit like the Kobra at Chessington, could Legoland Windsor be getting a similar ride to what Legoland Florida have received for their Lego Friends area? This attraction will replace Digger Challenge. 


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