Storm Surge

Storm Surge

Previously located at a park in Florida called Cypress Gardens which has been taken over by the LEGO group the ride is being transferred and built at Thorpe Park, the ride will be keeping its previous name Storm Surge.This ride is 19.8 meters high making it two thirds of the height of Colossus, the ride will be situated in the space which previously hosted Octopus Gardens.

2nd April 2011 - Ride Finished And Open!

After a few days of the ride operating and the park being open we have finally got around to posting a update about storm surge being open to the public. The ride has now been completed and is now open to the public, the ride overall is quite slow but can get quite a spin going when the boat is full! As seen by some of the photos below the ride doesn't have many parts where you get wet. In the helix's Thorpe Park appear to have drilled little holes for water to come though either that or Thorpe Park haven't been very good with the hole fixing. Overall the ride is running well however there have been some days for example we went on 31st March 2011 and broke down on the ride, but every ride has its problems.

2nd February 2011 - Track update:

Today Thorpe Park have given us a huge update on there Facebook page showing us that the track looks as if it has now been completed and that some of the final things to go in place have started to be installed. The pump house has started to be constructed and the lift hill has been completed. The splash zone has now got wood around the sides of it meaning that it is now ready for the concrete to be poured into it to form the sides of the drop zone. 

5th January 2011 - Splash Zone Area Update:

Work on the splash zone area is now under way and the progress made from the last update has been very little due to the fact Christmas has been and gone and we've had new year so most of the workers would of been off. However during our last update we've seen more of the metal framing put up in the zone and we've seen the final drop section of the ride.

16th December 2010 - Main Structure Work Starts:

Work on the structure for the ride which the track sits on is way under way as we can see from the photos below. Also we can see some of the track near the splash pit has been installed and some theming has been added to the track as rusting. The track is going up at a rapid pace which means the park will have more time to theme the ride.

23rd November 2010 - Footers In Place Ready For The Frame To Be Constructed:

After a construction update Thorpe Park have put on their Facebook page it is clear that the site is almost ready for the virtual construction as the footers are now in place and the wire marsh is in place for the place where the concrete is going to be poured for the splash zone. It is clear from the updates that we keep on getting from Thorpe Park that the construction of the new ride is going to be fast as the site as drastically progressed since the park shut. 

20th September 2010 - Rides Being Taken Down:

After having a visit to the park on Sunday I have got some photos of the dismantling of the octopus gardens land which shut on Monday 5th September 2010. Some of the rides and theming in the land have been taken down.

8th July 2010 - Ride Plans Released:

On Thursday 8th July 2010 the ride planes for the brand new ride which latter on would be called Storm Surge where realised to the public. At the time before this there where lots of people saying that the ride was going to be a top spin ride. However the rumours that where strong where wrong the ride was en-fact going to be a Water Rapids ring boat ride. This ride was brought from Cypress Gardens in exchange for another ride which merlin had which was called the jungle coaster which used to be at Legoland Windsor park. But was taken down due to reliability issues. \

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