Face It Alone 2013

Face It Alone 2013

On the last day of Fright Nights at Thorpe Park we did a brave it alone experience where you went around a maze of your choice on your own. Our chosen maze was The Asylum and the experience was as followed: WARNING this review will have strong language and adult themes… 

We arrived at the calypso barbecue restaurant dead on 9:45pm where we we’re greeted by the director of fright nights where they told us to read the disclaimer saying that the actors can touch you and can do whatever they want to you. Along with other information like the actors might be naked and that adult theme’s and strong language will be used in the maze your entering.

After signing the agreement we got given a glass of champagne and our experience begun in the restaurant. The hair and makeup artist actor came over and started to talk to us saying “no no no no no! I cant work with this” hollywood style. He then called his female colleague over who brought over a makeup bag and then proceeded to attack everyones faces with makeup and anything near by. 

The your next actors appeared out of no where and started to attack everyone who then tried to get my self and another random person to try make out in the middle of the place with everyone watching. If you had annoyed the actors during the day like we did then you would get picked on like us! 

After a lot of torture we proceeded to the asylum for it was now time to brave it alone! We did the maze two times and both times we got surrounded by at least 5-8 actors each time, when we went through the maze everyone was naked apart from 2 or 3 people. Actors would grab you and move you along the maze there wasn't the moment where there wasn't a actor behind you or in front of you. At one point in the maze I had all of the actors surrounding me and trust me you wouldn't think it but it was terrifying!

During the maze some actors had hot ish water in bottles getting you very wet and towards the end of the maze the male actors had baby oil getting very close to you and attacking you. When the disclaimer said they would touch you and the actors would do what they wanted with you they meant it! During the maze I got thrusted upon by multiple actors along with being kissed for some reason by the female actors, as well as being thrown on the bed by actors. We don’t get normally get scared by mazes but this experience had us running for the exit.

At the end of the maze where the toilets are to the side we got taken in them and got cornered by two actors who started to put what they called “their poo” all over us. There was a reason why they gave us a poncho. Plus I was the last person through the maze this year which made the experience even more scarier and fun. We look forward to what the park have in store for us next year and congratulate the actors in the maze on the success they had this year.

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