Winter Wonderland 2013

Winter Wonderland 2013

Running from late November until the start of the new year Winter Wonderland offers six weeks of festive fun with roller coasters, ice skating, shows and beer gardens. All of the attractions cost from around £2-£8 the rides use a token system with tokens costing £1 each. 

We've never visited the event before so we didn't know what to really expect however other people in our group had and they said that this years event was the best they had ever been to. Winter Wonderland is hosted in Hyde Park and has two entrances and exits, if your planning on heading to the event our advice would be to go early in the day to avoid the queue to get in and queues for the rides. 

We tried out a few of rides ranging from the classic wild mouse ride to the biggest attraction the boaster ride. The wild mouse ride costed 5 tokens if we remember rightly and the boaster ride coasted 8 tokens which is the equivalent to £8. However both where worth it and were great fun with great ride throughputs. With no queues whilst we where there it was probably the best time to explorer what the event had to offer. 

The rides line up also included the famous flat ride called Air which can be seen below. The ride is white and is a cross between Vortex and Samurai from Thorpe Park apart from the fact that this ride goes all the way over and will stop you at the very top. 

The theme of Winter Wonderland is Christmas and quite a few attractions managed to incorporate it into their rides. From music to changing what there rides looked like the people that put together the event did a good job. We didn't go into the beer gardens however there was a beer carousel with a bar in the middle off it serving drinks, it might sound crazy butA somehow it worked! The shows on offer required you to prebook and costed £9.50 which isn't to bad when you think the most expensive ride was £8.  

This was the first time we had ever been to Winter Wonderland and we will definitely be making a return next year. 

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