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Tiger Rock Update

Saturday 10th March 2018
Land of the Tigers and Tiger Rock has progressed nicely since our update at the staff preview last weekend. Today is the Annual Pass Preview for the theme park season and since last week the metal framework for the drop theming has been completed and now cladding and the metal wire mesh for the tiger theming is being added. 

The enclosures for the new tigers are nearing completion with the viewing windows installed and tents installed. A look through the access gate next to the Dragons Fury queue line reveals red cladding around the metal structure. 

Land of the Tiger Construction Update

Sunday 4th March 2018
Land of the Tiger at Chessington World of Adventures isn’t due to open until May 5th, 2018 however, today at a staff preview, we got to see a small glimpse into how the area is looking. The animal enclosures look to be almost ready with the ones by the Kobra ride queue line looking pretty cool. Complete with bark clippings and fake grass the enclosures look a lot nicer than the current ones. The enclosures and high walks for the animals take advantage of the area around the ride. You can hardly recognize the area anymore. You wouldn’t have thought that peeking heights stood there less than a year ago and Samurai for those old enough to remember it!

The station of the old dragon falls ride looks the same from the outside but the buildings around the area are getting a face lift with some of them being painted bright blue and green. At the final drop of the ride, metal beams have been put into place for what will be the lion statue theming that you fly through

Land of the Tiger looks like its going to be an interesting area when it opens! It will make a good addition to the parks line up.

Land of the Tiger Opening 2018

Sunday 29th October 2017
Something Tigerrific is coming to Chessington in 2018. Work on Tiger Rock isn’t standing around for anyone. Mystic East is no more, with the area closed for the past few weeks work is fully underway to prepare the area for a new lease of life.
The foundations that once held up peeking heights have been dug up and removed to make way for the new tiger enclosures. Photos of the site also show that a lot of trees have been cut down over the past few weeks.  
Down near the site office, some metal footers can be seen ready for what we think will be the new theming feature on the final drop. With the closed season starting in less than 24 hours this will be the last view of Mystic East before the park reopens next year in March! We look forward to seeing how the park transforms the area. 

“NEW for 2018, Tiger Rock, an exhilarating log flume in NEW Land of the Tiger. Get a unique view of our majestic Amur Tigers, before descending a misty waterfall drop, right through the centre of a giant tiger's head carved into the imposing rock.”