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Chessington 2016 Closed Season News

Over at Chessington World of Adventures the park is currently in celebration of both Christmas and the birth of 3 new lion cubs. Yesterday we took a small drive up to the park to see them and you’re in for a treat! They're amazing, coming right up to the glass, play fighting and incredibly photogenic.

However, this update isn’t just going to be about new lion cubs. Next year the park will be getting 2 new attractions for the year. The Chessington Adventure Tree in Market Square will be the park's new centrepiece showcasing the wide array of animals in the park as the centrepiece and ride objects. The old Carousel next to Tiny Truckers has now been removed.

Market Square isn’t the only place currently being redeveloped! Transylvania is still mourning the loss of Bubbleworks. With the ride being re-themed, The Gruffalo boat ride is believed to be opening March 2017. However yesterday when we visited the park it looks like lots is left to do until the ride is in a state to reopen.

The facade of the old Bubbleworks building has been repainted with the old queue line, entrance and porch area all removed. Out with the old and in with the new we guess? The new colours look very bold with bright blue and green everywhere. Here’s hoping it is just an undercoat. Back when Bubbleworks was redone back in 2006, the facade to the Transylvania shop was repainted and once again when the Bubbleworks factory departed, the shop facade has been repainted. Yes it is sad to see it go but we're interested to see what they are doing to the shop! There’s some rumours going around that the shop will be split into two with one side for the Gruffalo and the other for the vampire. The future for the Vampire and Transylvania is looking very short!


For those nostalgic people, an old Bubbleworks express queue sign can be seen outside the fire exit / skip area.

Elsewhere around the park, Seastorm is undergoing its normal maintenance along with what appears to be a repaint on the console. The Black Buccaneer has been taken apart with the supports being kept near Dragon's Fury and the boat washed up on the path next to Seastorm. The rock work of Creepy Caves also appears to have had some work done to it with them looking nice and fresh again.

And the biggest news of all, Rameses Revenge appears to have been serviced for another year! The ride looks to be covered in scaffolding rather than being put in a car park and shipped off to another park.

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