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Canada Creek Redevelopment

With 105 days left until the first day of the theme park season, there appears to be work going on across the resort to get all the rides and attractions up to scratch and to fix any broken effects. From across the lake the park looks really peaceful compared to walking down monks walk where you can hear a lot of drilling, banging and vehicles reversing. 

Canada Creek / Old Town has been labelled as “Under Development” for the past year. The only operational ride in the area is Rocky Express making the area very quiet now that Loggers Leap has been closed. However it looks like all that could change next year!

Two new rides have been spotted in the area, both from what we can tell are from Weymouth Sealife Centre: A small drop tower ride and a Zamperla Rockin’Tug ride. Could next year finally be the year that Old Town gets some new rides? 

Tidal Wave is still undergoing maintenance on the lift hill. It would seem the park are replacing the metal work on the trough. Is there a chance the park will try get the fire effect working this year? 

Moving away from Amity Cove, it would appear the entrance bridge is also currently getting some work! Some parts of the bridge have been painted bright blue with an old ferry barge underneath the bridge. Potentially this is so elements of it was to be tested. 

Since our last update Vortex has started its closed season maintenance with all of the seats now removed from the ride. The queue time boards have been turned off so we suspect Thorpe Park might have read our last update blog? 

Down near Stealth the teacups have all been taken off the main disk and put on their side so maintenance can be done to the ride system. 

Last year we had the excitement of Derren Brown's Ghost Train being built and this year an extension is being added onto the building. It would appear the park have started on this extension and workers can be spotted on the roof throughout the afternoon. 

And of course, no update would be complete without a look across the lake of the Thorpe Park horizon with the sun setting behind it.

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