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Closed Season Maintenance & New Rides

With 55 days left until Thorpe Park opens its doors for the 2017 Theme Park season theres still much to do before the park reopens. Over the past few days the weather in Staines has been very cold causing the lake around the park to freeze over. 

Even with the cold weather work has progressed around the park, Colossus’s Cobra roll is currently under scaffolding, Tidal Wave has had new sheet metal added to its lift hill and Vortex looks to be being put back together. And yes the queue time sign is currently on! 


For those missing Loggers Leap… it looks like bad news! The ride is still sat there rotting away. However, spotted by one of the team. The year 2011 has been written on the supports. Also, for those Thorpe Park history fans. The old Thorpe Park Logo can be seen on the front of few of the boats still. We suspect these boats have been in storage for a while! 


Back in December we broke the news about two new flat rides being spotted in Old Town. A rock tug boat and a small drop tower. And it would appear we where right about them being new rides! The old shooting gallery next to the old train station building has been removed and foundations have been poured for the rock tug ride. All of the safety shields can be seen next to the ride, we think its fair to say it Old Town will be getting two new rides this year! 

The Frog Hopper ride is still in the same state in which we saw it the other month. However it would appear foundations are currently being made for the ride with a digger spotted next to the old Noodle Bar restaurant in the area. Also notable, Rocky Express is currently being put back together. 

Slammer also appears to be undergoing maintenance still with a cherry picker next to the ride. 

Down near Rumba Rapids, it would appear some major work is currently happening to the ride! The queue line in Rumba Rapids appears to have been painted and work is currently on going on the bridge and walkways. Currently the floors on the exit don't exist! Safety nets can be seen under the structure in case someone falls. Also, near the station of the ride a tree chipper can be seen. It would appear the park are taking advantage of the closed season to get rid of a few of the trees. Hopefully this means the park are going to give the ride some closed season work! Maybe even add some more theming to the ride and make it more wet? 

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