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TPG Live Returns For 2017 Season

Theme Park Guide Live is back for 2017! With a new look and some tweaks behind the scenes we’ve taken on your feedback and made changes. Kicking off the live updates we will be starting at Chessington for annual pass day and finishing at Alton Towers for the reopening of Hex – the legend of the towers. On top of the opening days, we’re be reporting live from the opening day of the Gruffalo river boat ride adventure at Chessington and Derren Browns Ghost Train Rise of the demon.

The updates can be reached via the normal website:

Updates Schedule:

Saturday 11th March 2017 – Chessington Annual Pass Preview Day

Sunday 19th March 2017 – Thorpe Park Annual Pass Preview Day

Saturday 25th March 2017 – Alton Towers Open Day

Ride Openings (Dates to be confirmed closer to the time):

Gruffalo Riverboat Ride Adventure Opening Day

Derren Browns Ghost Train Rise of the Demon

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Fear Friday (But on a Sunday!) - 9/10/16

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to another article of Fear Friday Sunday, first of all I apologise for there not being a fear friday last week, with us visiting Pleasure Island last Saturday we never had time to publish it, besides there was no real news anyway with us being a week away from the festivities. Also want to apologies for this article going out two days late! But you will see why below...

This week we have quite a bit on so I shall go through the attractions we are visiting and what we are expecting from them, next week we will be bringing you reviews of the event and there scare mazes.

Xtreme Scream Park


On Friday we made our way to the first scare event of the year, Xtreme Scream Park at Twinlakes Melton Mowbray. What is normal an all weather family attraction, at night for one month it become a Scream Park, featuring six scare mazes, all which were there last year however from experience they tend to add new things every year into the mazes.

This year they have a lot of encouragement behind them after being awarded the best scream park at the SCAR awards this year and this year is looking better than ever. For those not up for the scares there will be two stages of entertainment for you to enjoy.

I will now go through the mazes and let you know a brief summary and what we are expecting, just a small hint this section may include slight spoilers:

The Hunted:

“For centuries man eating Wolves lived in the countryside of Melton Mowbray, the Wolves preyed on the population of Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire and Rutland; Living and breathing in the Vales, hunting and savaging entire towns and villages. In an attempt to stop the devastation and restore peace to the county, the Melton Mowbray Huntsmen made a pact with the wolves. A hooded lottery was instated and became the law of the land. Every night in October a privileged few residents are selected and hooded, taken into the countryside by the riders of the night (The Huntsman) and their Hounds to participate in this sacred ancestral ritual called “The Hunted”………Are you lucky enough to be chosen for The Hunted?”

This is as you can guess a hooded maze attraction and a pretty fun and long one too, we really enjoyed this last year and had some good scares, question is will we be chosen for The Hunted this year?

The Pie Factory: 

“Melton Mowbray’s Pie Factory locally sources only the best, prime cuts of meat to produce 100% Manmade Pies. Step inside the doors and make your way through the 2000 sq. ft complex to discover the gruesome process that goes into making these world famous pies. Duck, dodge and squeeze your way around 15 uniquely themed zones as you’re herded through Melton Mowbray’s very own production line, going behind the scenes and finding out first hand, what goes into Melton Mowbray’s Finest. Mrs Momma Hog though as been changing the ingredients in the pies recently and is now making humans into pies… Do you dare and come to the Pie Factory and see how they are made, be careful though, you might be next!”

A really fun maze, from the introduction from Mrs Momma Hog to a really impressive puppetry scene (saying no more) every year this seems to add more and more and we expect they will do the same to keep this maze nice and fresh, just like the meat in the pies! 

Stilton Hall Hotel & Spa: 

Stilton Hall Hotel and Hell Spa – Melton Mowbray’s finest country Mansion opens its doors to unveil the secrets of the most desirable form – the Human Body. Escape and feel the pleasure, we will transform you, beauty or beast? Prepare to experience relaxation beyond your worst nightmares. We will take you and make you beautiful with memorable treatments to die for, designed uniquely for every individual, change is perfection, perfection is change – beauty is in the eye of the Master – he will redesign you, transform you, there is nothing more pleasurable than pain, beautiful sweet pain, we are all beautiful….. Your body is ours…….what is your desire?

This was our favourite maze the past two years they have done it, two floors, 50 rooms, around a 15 minute long maze and never shortens on atmosphere and tension, this is an incredible maze and with Xtreme branding this years as the Directors Cut, we expect there to something new within this attraction!

Ash Hell Penitentiary:

“In 1609 a prison was built like no other. It was specifically designed to house and rehabilitate the criminally insane in particular Nobility with cannibal tendencies. The People of Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland had previously locked insane cannibal family members in secret attics and cellars to avoid public interference, they on the fed homeless.”

New for last year, This is supposed to be the scariest maze at the event and we can see where they are coming from, the main scare comes from going into this maze with yourself and one other person, there is nowhere to hide! The concept was good but we ended up meeting into the other groups, we expect this year they will have ironed out the issues from opening year and it will be better than ever!


“Where laughing was no more and children grew bored and would not play, no big red nose would provoke the upturned lips of any mouth, the stripy onesies, silly shoes, white faced, curly haired energetic entertainers grew sick, their diseased infested bodies had a new desire as their vomit coated tongues grew with twisted insults, putrid breath, blacken teeth with belly laughs to slice you in half, their gnarled form loathing life, laughing, laughing, laughing laughing – feeding on fear, sucking the soul of happiness from anyone that would dare to enter. Your pain is now their pleasure. Curtains, a chaotic masterpiece of crooked clowns, the finest around, the show of your lifetime, a one show wonder…”

This maze has been renamed from previous years where it was known as Curtains Chaos, we have heard that it is unrecognisable from previous years but we will have to wait and see!..

Belvoir Dungeon:

“With sighted reports of what Belvior Dungeon guards believed to be ‘bat like’ creatures, sleeping, upside down, there was an investigation started into what was happening to some of inmates.

It so happened, that in 1509 something happened in Belvior Dungeon that started to change the prisoners slowly over centuries. One of the inmates that were placed in the prison in October, 1509 was a blood thirsty vampire who started to bite other inmates and cause a bit of a disturbance within the dungeon.”

This is a really fun maze, pitch black, feeling your way around the maze and some really tight gaps to fit round, this is definitely the maze you get the most intimate with your friends, walking through the darkness and… straight into the back of your mate! We are looking forward to this one!

We are very much looking forward to this event and you can catch updates from the event very soon (a couple of hours of this going live)

Unfortunately it was quite a while till we visited our next scare attraction, a whole 10 hours!

Alton Towers

Yesterday we went to see what Alton Towers are bringing to the bill this year with the brand new maze: Altonville Tours: The Legend of the Skin Snatchers and new Scare Zone: Freak Out. They are also bringing the frights to younger children with the brand new family scare maze: House of Monsters.

We were doing LIVE updates yesterday so if you missed it do feel free to check out how we got on throughout the day via:

Burton Screamfest

Our final event this week is Burton Screamfest next Thursday for their preview night, They have one new maze this year “Love Hurts” which is replacing the Nocturnal scare maze that has been in place for several years, I am imagining a very similar layout but will be interesting to see the changes, despite  probably not being able to have a rave in the queue line!

There has also apparently been changes to the Soul Seekers maze, which was one of our favourites last year with an amazing opening scene it really is an atmospheric attraction.

You also have Children of the corn, a classic corn maze with a difference, Night Bringer with an amazingly immersive storyline and Freakout, a classic curtains maze but with lots of interesting twists along the way.

As well as the 5 mazes, Burton Screamfest also has roaming actors, entertainment on their stage and a Zombie shooting gallery, which we will show you in more detail on the night!

And that is what we are up to this week to kick off the scare season! Next week we will be back with reviews from the three attractions and let you know what we are up next! 

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Halloween 2016 Live

Join us over the next few days as we adventure to Thorpe Park and Alton Towers for the launch of their halloween events, Fright Nights and Scarefest 2016! Its set to be our biggest year ever for halloween with us as a team visiting more than 6 halloween events across the UK. We kick of Halloween 2016 with two TPG Live’s. More information below: 

Thorpe Park Fright Nights 2016 Press Launch:

Thursday 6th October 2016

Updates Start 6:15pm

Alton Towers Scarefest Open Day:

Saturday 8th October 2016

Updates Start 10:00am

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Welcome to Fear Friday - Introduction (23/09/16)

The hour has come, the hour is nigh, Scream Park Guide will come out tonight.

Scream Park Guide is here for Halloween. We have transformed and are ready to be unleashed onto the UK Scare events.this year. We will be here with live coverage and frequent Facebook posts for those in the middle of nowhere!

But where are we visiting you may ask? See below for a full list of attractions we are visiting or looking into to visit(with dates if we have locked them down)

Xtreme Scream Park - 07/10/16
Alton Towers Scarefest - 08/10/16
Burton Screamfest - 13/10/16
Xtreme Scream Park - 21/10/16
UK Escape Games - 21/10/16
Warwick Castle’s Haunted Castle - Potentially 23/10/16
Doncaster Fear Factory - 26/10/16
Thorpe Park Fright Nights - 29/10/16
Chessington Howl’o’ween - 30/10/16
Twisted Attraction Goes Country - Potentially

And after all that we are introducing Fear Fridays, A roundup of news and a collation of reviews from visited parks and attractions. To reiterate, this year is set to be bigger and better than ever, with more Live updates than ever before through our facebook page or our fantastic newly improved LIVE system. Including something that might be bringing fears to your ears (take that as you will!)

And although this was more for letting you know about where we were visiting there is one news story we thought we would share.

Xtreme Scream Park Releases Park Map For 2016:

One of our favourite scare attractions, Xtreme Scream Park have released their map for 2016, providing insight to some new additions this year.


As you can see from the image, The map has a good design and from experiencing the map before, it’s pretty accurate. It’s fantastic the park have done a map this year as with the park being extremely dark with low lights it can be hard to navigate your way around, especially for for visitors.

The only slight issue with the map is that we cannot see the location for Twisted, the parks rather enjoyable curtains clown maze. This will probably be in the same location as last year. (In the grey building behind the cottage on the map)

New additions include:

- New stage at the back of the park (unsure of what will be on the stage, possibly the burlesque dancers),
- A form of zombie shooting arena at the back of the park,
- Music stage at the front of the park (previously used by the burlesque dancers)

All the mazes seem to be in the same location as last year according to the map, but its good to see the event looking a lot more inclusive with a lot of entertainment for those who buy the new ‘chicken’ tickets (at the price of £8.99) which gains you entrance to the event but not the mazes for those too scared and have been dragged along to the event.

And that rounds up the very first Fear Friday, we will be back every Friday from now until the end of the scare attractions (as some extend until the first week of November)

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TPG LIVE Returns

TPG LIVE is back and is bigger than ever! We’ve upgraded the system and we’re be reporting LIVE from all 4 UK Merlin Theme Parks as they reopen for the 2016 theme park season. So if you can't be there join us on the live feed. The diary of when were doing live updates can be found below: 

Legoland Windsor Preview Day 2016:

Saturday 5th March 

Chessington World Of Adventures Annual Pass Day 2016:

Saturday 12th March 

Thorpe Park Annual Pass Day 2016:

Sunday 13th March 

Alton Towers Open Day 2016:

Saturday 19th March


To access the LIVE system visit the following webpage: 

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