The London Dungeons

The London Dungeons

The London Dungeons brings together London's darkest history with actors, special effects and rides in a truly unique walkthrough experience. A must see attraction the tour lasts for 90 minutes and has 18 interactive shows with 1000 years of history, your be laughing and screaming all the way! All shows are based on real events without the boring parts. Located next to the London Eye booking office and in-between the Sealife centre you cant miss it. It is advised that you book tickets in advance as tickets are now allocated a time slot. 

Back in 2013 TPG where invited to a full tour of the building showing us everything from the entrance plaza, themed toilets and every room of the dungeon.

-The building has 8 different flooring styles

-The lift can hold up to 140 people

-The boat ride is completely new

-All of the scenes have new theming

-The building uses air for its special effects

-The shop is 2 times as big now with more merchandise than ever 


A short speech is given to you by a man stating the rules of the Dungeons such as no cameras and all mobile phones should be turned off! After the short talk the machinery behind him starts up and the dungeon gate keeper starts to sing “a song that will get on your nerves” You enter the lift and are presented with two ropes in front of you that when pulled will decided your fate in the lift. Pull to hard or to soft and you could die! Before the lift starts its decent the lift man will say “to much weight... to many traitors?? We're all going to die!” Before the doors open the man will look scared then say something along the lines of we're all gonna die then the doors will go bing just after a short pause. 

Henrys Wrath Boat Ride:

Henrys wrath boat ride features special effects such as tumbling rum barrels along with the world famous Brian Blessed playing Henry VIII in the ride. Unlike the old boat ride, this ride features a unique lift hill that when pitch black can take visitors unexpected. The ride starts off in the station then going straight for a few seconds then going right into a small straight section that has a show then the falling barrels. After all the commotion we then see Brian Blessed say a couple of words but due to the technical difficulties during our behind the scenes tour and our main tour not many effects where working hence the review being a bit brief. 

The City Gate:

After escaping Henrys wrath, you then meet the city gong farmer who will show you a few defensive tricks to keep people at bay. Smoke effects and audience participation is involved in this scene and unlike other scenes people can stroll in at any time and still know whats happening a bit of a off loading show. During the lecture from the gong farmer, we see him throw poo over the wall toward the audience as well as a perfect smoke circle ring that is fired from one of the cannons. Arrows are also fired through the castle wall during the show as well as sound effects and other special effects.  

Conspirators Walk:

Conspirators walk is your part to be played in the Guy Fawkes gun powder plot one member of the public is picked from the group and handed a letter that the King knew about but everyone else didn't. More will become clear in the next scene. Police are then heard in the distance where everyone is then told to run and hide this is where the Guy Fawkes scene comes into sight. 

Guy Fawkes:

In the guy Fawkes room you are met by a man with a steel plated chest armer on, pretending to be a guard of the houses of Parliament. The guard will then talk a bit more about what Guy Fawkes tried to do and where he went wrong. Guy Fawkes’s head is mounted on a stick in the background which then becomes interactive later on in the show. 

The guard asks who it was that was carrying the letter and names and shames the person. Guy Fawkes suddenly becomes active we're the guard pretends not to know who he is where he says doesn't think his plan would of worked. The guard asks why and he says the fuse was damp! The guard says it looks alright to me and desires to try it where he finds it seems to be working rather well. A little to well. The fuse starts making it's way to the barrel and suddenly the lights go out and smoke and air cannons start as well as the floor starting to shake back and forth, the lights come back on after a while then the guard tells people to get out and then the Torturer will take you into his lyre.

The Torturer:

The Torturer is back and has more cages and more brutal torture devices, as well as the original tongue tearer and the hock to put “where the sun doesn't shine and she's not on about Norway!” A new torture device for both men and women is called the pear and the knuckle crusher. The torture starts by someone being put in a cage then someone else being picked on and being put in the chair or the other cage. special effects are also used in this scene such as chains rattling and chairs dropping slightly so be careful not to be picked. 

Plague House:

“Bring out your dead!” a short walkthrough show featuring dirty laundry above to set the scene for the plague and the next scene. Along the alley we have a man being sick into a bucket bringing up blood as well as a man dressed up to collect the dead at the start of the walkthrough where people adventure over creaky floor boards and the smell of fresh plants. 

Coughin Coffin:

A new scene in the Dungeons line up, featuring two people in coffins as well as one more trying to break out hiding from the plague. The first character we hear from in the pre show video to the plague doctor is the woman asking “If its safe to wake up yet?” with the man replying “no” the show then goes on a bit with the door opening towards the end to a actor ready to process there next victim. Both the man and the women use the dummy head with a projector for the face effect that is so famously seen across the dungeons franchise.

Plague Doctor:

The Dungeons famous plague house is back to learn more about medical research and now features seats! The old plague house was small and left people standing with hardly any special effects being used however with the new doctors surgery, we have seats with special effects fitted to them to make your time in the surgery a little bit more special. Unlike the old room where people could see everything a downside to this new room is if you sit on the bottom on the right hand side you cant see the “blood” dripping out from there hand as well as the back light effect being slightly ruined. During the show the seats interact with the leaches that only the posh people are aloud, a back light effect as mentioned earlier has a bright light at the back of the chair along with a large hammer being hit of the head of the victim creating a “bloody mess” 

Bazalgette’s Sewer:

Take a look deep underground in the old London sewers featuring a revolving tunnel with a difference. As you walk across the bridge the tunnel spins with rats over head along with leg ticklers along the side of the bridge to catch people off guard.

Mrs Lovett's Pie Shop:

Good old Mrs Lovett’s pie shop is back and a distinct smell of pies can be smelled in the room. Rather than the previous small room that would get people exiting from the boat ride the new pie shop is huge and features many special effects during the show such as hatches opening and bodies coming out off no where. Whilst in the pie shop why not grab your self a pie or try Mrs Lovett’s special “general pie, with or without the private parts” 

Sweeney Todd:

Sweeney is back and the old chairs from the previous London Dungeon have been given a makeover will more special features added to the them. Newly added for the new dungeons is air cannons on the chairs as well as new speakers, along with back pokers to make you jump that little bit more. Unlike before where the scene used to be just sound and sudden jumps the scene now has a actor in the room at certain points of the ride. 

Jack The Ripper:

He's back and has taken to the streets with just one mission, to kill girls that make a living on the streets. With a bigger set and a more realistic sound effects in the room, we have a better experience with police sound effects being played the whole show with the actor playing the part of a street girl thats got a customer waiting around the corner advice to the women mind your necks as he seems to have take a liking to them! 

Whitechapel Labyrinth:

The old mirror maze has seen a return also but a lot shorter than before meaning no loops around the circuit other than the fact theres a dead end the whole point in the mirror maze labyrinth is to hold you until the Ten Bells pub show has finished and reset to have the next group. 

Ten Bells Pub:

The pub from the old Dungeons is back and has a larger room than before that allows for bigger groups and for more to happen whilst in the show. Before Jack would appear just the one with a strobe light however now he appears 2 times with sound, wind and light effects. As well as the good old fashioned moving lamp making a return we see tables and chairs come into the show for the first time ever but the life span of these could be limited due to the amount of people siting on them and mucking about? The new sound set up in the ten bells pub is fantastic as almost every room has 7.1 surround sound therefore more can be done in making people sound like there behind you when there not. 

Court Room Judge:

The court room is still under going its transformation in some sense, the Dungeons are not sure about the new models that sit both sides of the judge *actor* and said when we were walking around that there ether going to be there for open day onwards or there going to be taken out due to there inactivity and the fact they don't look right. The new room is just as big as the old one with a microphone for the judge to use as sometimes you could hardly hear them speak as well as new sound effects and a proper platform for people to stand on. 

Newgate Gallows:

Before the final ride in the dungeons we have a short chat with someone about how you used to be killed in the Newgate prison. As well as the dramatic show theres always someone that gets picked on and gets told to stand on a certain spot so that the peeing effect can be used to its full potential. 

Drop Dead:

Drop dead is the new drop tower ride that allows people to take the plunge into hell and back. Unlike the old Dungeons the new drop dead ride loads from the top and takes a 3 story high plunge down to find bodies hanged up on the wall along with air canons mounted on the wall so when you go down for the first time you get a shot of air in your face. Also unlike the other drop tower at Tooley street this one sends you down once then brings you back up to drop you again. 

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