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Death's Doors

Thorpe Park
Halloween Attraction

New for 2022 Death Doors is a new scare zone located under the Nemesis Inferno lift hill with the entrance near the exit of the ride and to the left of Mr Monkeys Banana Boat Ride. This new scare zone takes the idea of ‘Trick or Treat’ and transforms it into a spooky scare zone, where you walk around knock on doors and you don't know what’s behind it, it could be nothing or a Halloween character from past Fright Nights events or something new and different. Our favourite character we've bumped into so far is Halloween Santa! We weren't too sure about this scare zone when we first heard about it, but seeing it in person and seeing other people's reactions is amazing! Deaths Doors is so much fun and the fact that each walkthrough of this experience is different makes it a 10/10 in our book. As we revisit Fright Nights so much throughout the event it's cool that we might not see something until later in the event. Top tip, if you hear a siren watch out as all of the doors open and the monsters come out to play! Since the press night, a few changes have been made to how the scare zone operates, you are now batched into the scare zone and reminded to knock 2 times on each door and not to kick the doors or touch the actors.