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Ride Prepares to open

Sunday 1st March 2009
With just two weeks until opening day, final work is taking place. By far the most detailed project in the park, Saw - The Ride has become one of the most highly themed rides in the UK. In this update take note of the barbed wire queue line, rotating fans, police car, hazard signs, fake cameras, plasma TV's and the unique 'Saw Store'. Cryptic facts have been added to the side of the store, which is a pleasant touch.

Thrill Chill Project Update

Saturday 14th February 2009
As the park opens for 2009 we see the extensive work that has been carried out on Saw - The Ride since our last update. Take note of the impressive building facade, large blades above the first drop, boiler, entrance structure and the continuous test runs that were taking place today. The two blue containers in the middle of the area will actually become the merchandise store after being themed accordingly. Second to last photo shows more infilling taking place for another pathway which will be completed at a later date.

Work on theming the ride

Sunday 11th January 2009
As the winter season comes to a close, the station building has been covered and themed accordingly. Work continues on the interactive elements inside, audio and visual components, queue line and signage etc.

Cladding the station building begins

Sunday 19th October 2008
Work continues on enclosing the station building, creating the 'rooms' and outer facade.

Lift Hill Complete

Tuesday 7th October 2008
Over the last few days the ride's track has been completed. Above photos show the pre-lift track including inline twist, tall lift and drop structure, Immelmann inversion, overbanked turn, airtime hill, block brake, dive loop inversion and final turn leading back to the station. Definitely looks like one of the more extreme Gerstlauer models! Work will now continue on the ride's electrics, enclosing the station, completing the foundations of the structure and initial theming.