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Tree Top Quest Update

Thursday 23rd April 2015
Another trip on park, another chance to checkout the Tree Top Quest and how construction is coming along.

Enchanted Forest Tree Top Quest Update

Monday 20th April 2015
Work is quickly progressing on the Tree Top Quest and its shaping up now with just over a month to go before Alton Towers allow the general public to climb the tower and swing among the trees. As you can see most of the structure is there with a lot of the obstacles in place. When we visited there was lots of work taking place on the central tower and its exciting to see how this will look come its opening day.

Lodges In Place & Reception Building Complete

Saturday 14th February 2015
With the park open for half term we thought we would first check out work on the Enchanted Village before heading off on park for the day. Since our last update most of the lodges have been lifted into place and work on constructing a perimeter fence around the complex has begun. The main repletion building looks complete from the outside however we expect its a different story on the inside. Also, over in the distance the tree houses look complete.  

Enchanted Village Update

Sunday 7th December 2014
Work on the Enchanted Village at Alton Towers is well underway with the lodges being fitted and the tree houses being finished off. Grass banks are being built in-between the tree houses and the lodges to separate them. The new restaurant for the village, The Crooked Spoon is making good progress with a roof being added to make the building water tight for the cold winter months ahead.

The Enchanted Village looks really good in person when compared to the photos where it looks like some random buildings in the middle of a field.We believe there are about 40 lodges in the area with each building hosting 2 separate rooms. We cant wait to see what the finished product will look in when they open to the public in April 2015. 

Reception Area & Tree Houses Update

Sunday 2nd November 2014
Over the past few weeks work on the enchanted village has steadily progressed with work on the reception area and tree houses improving by the week. The metal work for the reception area and food hall has been put up since our last visit to the park. Meanwhile work down the by the tree houses has progressed nicely, most of them now have roofs and are awaiting roof tiles. We expect these will be finished by New Years.