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Saturday 11th August 2018

Following our post a few days ago about Saw Alive not opening in time for the start of the summer 2018 season the live attraction horror maze has now opened! In the interim, The Walking Dead Living Nightmare maze was opened.

Monday 6th August 2018

Saw Alive was due to open for the peak summer season at Thorpe Park Resort. 

Tuesday 31st July 2018

The 5POOKY 1 Car that is used to advertise the Halloween event Scarefest at Alton Towers has returned to Towers Street. This year's event looks set to be the biggest year for a while. 
With Terror of the Towers cut from the line up the replacement maze, Project 42 has big shoes to fill.

Sunday 22nd July 2018

Love Island Lates being next Thursday night! Open from 10 am until 10 pm the park will be open for a full 12 hours. The popular ITV2 show is coming to Thorpe Park and has its own event.

Saturday 21st July 2018

Over the past few days, Thorpe Park have started to install Self Service ride photo ordering points across the park. Currently installed at Stealth, Colossus and Nemesis Inferno.

Wednesday 18th July 2018

With the Alton Towers Scarefest announcement made over the past few days, we thought we should take a trip to Alton Towers to check out the construction for the event this year as we had heard that it was well underway!

Tuesday 17th July 2018

Twirling Toadstool at Alton Towers has been listed as being closed under the Towers Loving Care scheme for the past 2 seasons. Originally listed for having a paint job during the first year of the scheme the work was postponed due to bad weather.

Thursday 12th July 2018

Alton Towers has today announced the line up for Scarefest 2018. Running from 6th - 7th, 13th - 14th, 19th October - 2nd November 2018. Scarefest is back and has more spine-tingling terrors than ever before! This years line up see’s the park drop the famous maze, Terror of the Towers. 

Tuesday 10th July 2018

Zombie Hunt at Thorpe Park begins on 21st July and runs until 3rd September. As part of the Year of The Walking Dead, the attraction is based around zombies, however, is nothing to do with the walking dead franchise. 

Sunday 8th July 2018

Foundations for the Haunted House ride at Legoland are underway, concrete appears to already have been poured in some areas of the foundations for the ride. Metal rebar and wooden slots for more foundations have been set up down one end of the site.