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Sunday 22nd January 2017

Closed Season Maintenance & New Rides

With 55 days left until Thorpe Park opens its doors for the 2017 Theme Park season theres still much to do before the park reopens. Over the past few days the weather in Staines has been very cold causing the lake around the park to freeze over. 

Even with the cold weather work has progressed around the park, Colossus’s Cobra roll is currently under scaffolding, Tidal Wave has had new sheet metal added to its lift hill and Vortex looks to be being put back together. And yes the queue time sign is currently on!  

For those missing Loggers Leap… it looks like bad news! The ride is still sat there rotting away. However, spotted by one of the team. The year 2011 has been written on the supports. Also, for those Thorpe Park history fans. The old Thorpe Park Logo can be seen on the front of few of the boats still. We suspect these boats have been in storage for a while! 

Back in December we broke the news about two new flat rides being spotted in Old Town. A rock tug boat and a small drop tower. And it would appear we where right about them being new rides! The old shooting gallery next to the old train station building has been removed and foundations have been poured for the rock tug ride. All of the safety shields can be seen next to the ride, we think its fair to say it Old Town will be getting two new rides this year! 

The Frog Hopper ride is still in the same state in which we saw it the other month. However it would appear foundations are currently being made for the ride with a digger spotted next to the old Noodle Bar restaurant in the area. Also notable, Rocky Express is currently being put back together. 

Slammer also appears to be undergoing maintenance still with a cherry picker next to the ride. 

Down near Rumba Rapids, it would appear some major work is currently happening to the ride! The queue line in Rumba Rapids appears to have been painted and work is currently on going on the bridge and walkways. Currently the floors on the exit don't exist! Safety nets can be seen under the structure in case someone falls. Also, near the station of the ride a tree chipper can be seen. It would appear the park are taking advantage of the closed season to get rid of a few of the trees. Hopefully this means the park are going to give the ride some closed season work! Maybe even add some more theming to the ride and make it more wet? 

Thursday 8th December 2016

Old Town Redevelopment

With 105 days left until the first day of the theme park season, there appears to be work going on across the resort to get all the rides and attractions up to scratch and to fix any broken effects. From across the lake the park looks really peaceful compared to walking down monks walk where you can hear a lot of drilling, banging and vehicles reversing. 

Canada Creek / Old Town has been labelled as “Under Development” for the past year. The only operational ride in the area is Rocky Express making the area very quiet now that Loggers Leap has been closed. However it looks like all that could change next year!

Two new rides have been spotted in the area, both from what we can tell are from Weymouth Sealife Centre: A small drop tower ride and a Zamperla Rockin’Tug ride. Could next year finally be the year that Old Town gets some new rides? 

Tidal Wave is still undergoing maintenance on the lift hill. It would seem the park are replacing the metal work on the trough. Is there a chance the park will try get the fire effect working this year? 

Moving away from Amity Cove, it would appear the entrance bridge is also currently getting some work! Some parts of the bridge have been painted bright blue with an old ferry barge underneath the bridge. Potentially this is so elements of it was to be tested. 

Since our last update Vortex has started its closed season maintenance with all of the seats now removed from the ride. The queue time boards have been turned off so we suspect Thorpe Park might have read our last update blog? 

Down near Stealth the teacups have all been taken off the main disk and put on their side so maintenance can be done to the ride system. 

Last year we had the excitement of Derren Brown's Ghost Train being built and this year an extension is being added onto the building. It would appear the park have started on this extension and workers can be spotted on the roof throughout the afternoon. 

And of course, no update would be complete without a look across the lake of the Thorpe Park horizon with the sun setting behind it.

Sunday 27th November 2016

Work Begins On The Island

Its cold and the nights are drawing in. It must be time for a closed season update! Thorpe Park has been closed for a few weeks now and i think its about time we headed down to Staines for a quick walk around. No, not to go Christmas shopping. But to walk down a overgrown footpath to stare in at Thorpe Park and see whats going on behind the closed gates. 

From across the lake everything seems very piece full, its very strange looking at the park from this angle! Someone should make a film about an abandoned theme park, maybe add some zombies? We’re sure this hasn't been done before… Anyway from across the lake theres not much going on that you can see! Apart from a jet ski’er going past every few seconds trying to show off. But failing and failing in the cold lake. 

Tidal Wave has scaffolding all the way up its lift hill. It looks like work is being done to the chain lift. With the cog at the top of the lift sat on the scaffolding. 

Meanwhile over at Rush the ride looks like its missing its seats. On the zoomed in photo of it we can see the cables that secure the arms have been disconnected. No rides on rush today! Also note, the Big Top has now been deconstructed. 

Unsurprisingly nothing has been done to Depth Charge by the looks of it. With the boats still on the converybelt on the way back up to the top. Also according to the queue time sign outside Vortex the ride has “N/A” queue time. 

Continuing down Monks Walk, Samurai is still in the upright position. Platform 15 which is all still set up with the old Canada Creek train, still sat outside the old train maintenance shed. Complete with a few actors still sitting around on the train. 

With Thorpe Park confirming what we already thought would be the case. That Loggers Leap wont be reopening next year! The ride continues to still sit there and rot. During Fright Nights we went on a behind the scenes of platform and took a few photos of the state of the ride. We can’t see the park reopening Loggers leap ever again. Lets hope they prove us wrong! (Photos from inside the park taken during behind the scenes)

Rocky Express is having its normal closed season work done to it but this year it would seem the whole ride is being taken apart. The tower that sits in the middle of the ride has been put to one side with the cars, arms and wheels scattered everywhere in Old Town Canada Creek. 

Walking down a bit more, Slammer looks like its had some work done on the towers. Nemesis Inferno is all wrapped up with plastic sheets protecting the maintenance bay and station from the cold. Got to keep the engineers warm during the winter! Mr Monkeys Banana Boat ride is under scaffolding again. 

This time last year Derren Browns Ghost Train was being built, this year an extension to the building is being built near the shop. However, we cant see anything from the footpath. Would be cool if Thorpe Park did one up on us and uploaded some photos of it on their snapchat some day soon…. 

Every year during the closed season theres always rumours of certain rides getting a retheme or extra work being done to the ride. Once again this year people are saying that Rumba Rapids is getting work done to it. However, that information appears to be wrong! Apart from the boats being put down monks walk again we don't think the ride has had any work done to it. 

Meanwhile Stealth and The Swarm look very cool in the distance. Also whilst walking down monks walk towards the old farm we spotted something we would never see again! Theres a horse on some of the old Thorpe Park Farm Land. Let the rumours of the farm coming back begin! 

And there we have it… you can now stop wondering whats going on at Thorpe Park.  Maybe next time we see the park, Colossus will be repainted or something cool would have happened! 


Saturday 15th November 2014

Thorpe Park Closed Season Photos

Thorpe Park may only have closed a week ago today but work is well underway to improve the park for next year along with maintenance on rides. Loggers leap has had its boats removed and stored outside the entrance under tarpaulin.  Mentioned on our facebook page back in October, Pizza Hut looks set to be changed into a pizza pasta unit with the expansion of the restaurant being started. The outside court yard has been dismantled with the area being cornered off for work to start. 

A skip has been placed outside off one of the exits to the arena for rubbish and clearance work to continue.  With what appears to be wood on the concrete steps which used to be home to seats for the shows in the arena. The carousel which is leaving the resort this year looks to still be in one piece with the hippos safari site looking like it's going to be used as just a service road for the closed season. A big thank you to Sam C for the photos. Photos taken from monks walk foot path. 

Saturday 29th November 2014

Update 2 From Thorpe Park

20 Days into the closed season and work is underway to prepare the park for the 2015 season which looks set to begin on Thursday 12th March. We start at the backend of the park where we could see an overview of the park with Saw the ride, Stealth and Rush in the distance. It appears that Rush and Vortex are yet to receive there yearly strip down for maintenance. Loggers leap appears to be untouched at the main drop however in the distance we could see some scaffolding, could this be the tunnel returning to the first drop? The belt that moves the boats to the top of the drops is still in place at the final drop with leaves gathering in the trough. Boats for the ride can still be found outside the entrance. 

The Rocky Express has been dismantled with the trains being laid on there side outside the Canada Creek Railway exit. It would appear that the supports for the ride have been given a fresh coat of green paint. Signs from around the park are being stored in the Canada Creek station such as the Rib Cage Challenge advertisement board. Previously used for Fright Nights a cart stand can still be seen blocking one of the entrances onto the railway track. The Cabin in the woods horror maze sign is still on the entrance to the maze however we expect this to be taken down before the main season starts.

The Carousel may have closed at the end of the season however the ride is still in one piece by the looks of it with a temporary fence being put up to stop people entering the construction site of the parks next project in the arena. The park have begun to remove the fences barricading in the area along with more trees being cut and the seating area concrete base being removed. It would also appear that the park will be using the Miss’s Hippos jungle safari site as just an access road to the site. We expect that the park will close this pathway next year so work can continue on the site. Further down the Miss’s Hippos site is the theming the park has removed to clear the area such as the Safari archway and the drumming jungle man which is yet to be removed. 

Towards the other end of the park the tea cups have been removed from the Storm In A Teacup Ride. Work is well underway to transform Pizza Hut into what we believe will be a Pizza Pasta Buffet unit. The park has completely gutted the Pizza Hut unit with just the exterior walls remaining, the unit looks to have had new foundations poured recently. In our previous update there was a Nemesis Inferno train in the station just sitting there however this train has now disappeared so we believe that the park has taken it down to component level like they do every year during the closed season. The water tower at Rumba Rapids appears to be having some work done to it with the maintenance hatch open with what appears to be a new pump in there. Boats for the ride can also be found scattered along the maintenance road. 

Whilst walking down the the farm area we came across a pile of metal with what we think is a stage light. Your guess is as good as our as to what this used to be part of / from. At what used to be the Thorpe Park farm you get an amazing view of the park! I can remember going to the farm as a child and looking across the lake and its fair to say the park really has changed over the past few years. For those people who can remember the Thorpe Park Farm, the route that the track used to take into the Farm train station has now become a swamp with parts of it being flooded as part of the parks infilling procedure.