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2015 Annual Pass Sale Information

Date Posted:

Friday 26th December 2014


Today Merlin have updated the Annual Pass Website with this years “Sale” information. However there seem to be multiple complaints on the Facebook page of the website with people saying that an email they received a few weeks ago made the pass prices cheaper! The updated website includes a new advertising slogan “Vote Fun in 2015.”  This heavily featured on the websites new youtube video displayed on the homepage. We expect this advert to be on TV’s over the next few weeks. 

Standard Annual Pass’s are £119 for an individual or £99 for a family. Premium Pass’s are £149 for an individual or £119 for a family in the sale. Last year merlin broke the news to guests that unlimited drink capsules will only be available to V.I.P pass holders and it looks like this will be the case still in 2015. 

Prices for new pass’s have been increased by 13.3% with Standard passes now £119 compared to £105 last year and premium passes have increased by 19.2%! Last year a premium pass would have costed you £125 however this years price is now £149 per person. Prices for V.I.P passes are yet to be released however last year it was stated on the website that £500 was the introductory offer price for the pass. Passes will be available from June with customers being asked to join a waiting list on the website. With many people buying pass’s with Tesco Vouchers it is not yet clear how this will affect the value of vouchers needed to redeem the offer. To take advantage of this offer please visit

Many people complaining on the Merlin Facebook page are saying that due to the price increases they will not be purchasing the passes this year. Does this effect your plans to buy them?

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