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Alton Towers Announces Nemesis Closing

Alton Towers
Wednesday 21st September 2022

Alton Towers Resort’s legendary Nemesis rollercoaster is set to close later this year, meaning thrillseekers have a matter of weeks left to enjoy its heart-pounding and exhilarating twists and turns.

Nemesis, Europe’s first inverted rollercoaster will return in 2024 after an exciting revamp. Until then, visitors to the theme park will have just a few more weeks to enjoy its corkscrews and loops before it starts its transformation this winter. 

Park visitors were alerted to the plans after posters appeared on park announcing the closure by order of the Phalanx, the special organisation assembled to control the alien Nemesis beast by laying the rollercoaster track over it back in 1994.

Details of the transformation are being kept under wraps for now with more information to be revealed nearer the time. 

Kate McBirnie, Head of Product Excellence at Alton Towers Resort, said: “Nemesis is Europe’s first ever inverted rollercoaster, which has been exciting thrillseekers since 1994. 

“The legendary rollercoaster is loved by thrillseekers across the UK and beyond, and we want to give fans of the ride the opportunity to experience Nemesis in its current form before it closes on November 6.”

Nemesis cost £10m and was crowned Europe’s first inverted rollercoaster when it opened in 1994. Riders experience 3.5 G-force as they race past the rocks and rivers of the theme park’s Forbidden Valley at speeds of up to 50mph. 

It carries dangling thrill seekers along numerous twists, turns with four inversions, and has attracted people from across the globe to the Staffordshire theme park. 

Alton Towers Resort is renowned for providing world-class rollercoasters and attractions for guests of all ages, including Wicker Man, the UK’s first wooden rollercoaster to be built in over 20 years, Oblivion, the world’s first vertical drop rollercoaster and The Smiler, the world’s first 14 loop rollercoaster, to name a few. The Staffordshire based theme park continues to welcome millions of guests from across the globe, delivering memorable and unique experiences and events each season. 

To keep up to date with the latest news and buy tickets to ride Nemesis before 6 November, visit 

Alton Towers has announced on social media and via emails that Nemesis will be closing on 6th November 2022. The ride will be closed for the 2023 season whilst the old track is removed and replaced like for like. With the Phalanx logo on the image and posters around the park, could we be seeing Nemesis Sub Terra return next year in the place of the ride? 

By order of the Phalanx

Nemesis is closing.

You have until 6th November to ride.

Book now:

Please make your way to Alton Towers Resort in an orderly fashion.


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