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Alton Towers Trial Actors In Hex

Date Posted:

Wednesday 28th August 2019


Alton Towers are currently trialing some features on Hex - The Legend Of The Towers. For the past few years, with the exception of Scarefest the attraction has never used live actors within the show scenes. However, it would appear the park attempting to enhance the Hex experience by adding an actor/memebr of staff within the pre-shows. 

In the first and second pre-show nothing has changed, however when you enter the octagon room an actor/memeber of staff can sometimes be found stood wating with a torch. They will then guide you into the room and pointing out the TV screens for you to watch the show scene. Whilst noticing these changes a number of effect were also spotted not working when we visited. When the octogonshow scene goes dark and the witch cackles the witch is no longer illuminates, another effect not working fully is the generator which typically lights up and sparks from the side. We assume that these effects will soon be fixed, and the experience of Hex will get back to its former glory.


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