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Amazu shuts due to unknown reasons

Date Posted:

Thursday 17th April 2014


Amazu at Chessington world of adventures is a new tree top adventure playground featuring interactive sections where you can get up close and personal with monkeys. However just three weeks after opening late to the public the attraction has now been closed off in some sections. When we went on it with our little ones some of the sections which have now been closed off would wobble a lot even when a small child would go over it. When a fully grown adult like our selfs would go over it you wouldn't of thought heath and safety had seen the supports. The resort haven't given a reason why parts of the attraction have been closed off but we firmly believe that this unsturdiness of the attraction might have had something to do with it! Children can still access small sections of the treetop playground including the slide and the tumble tower, other sections of the attraction we're not to sure about though. We shall keep you updated on this when we find out more information about the problem. 

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