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Annual Pass Rate For Scarerooms

Date Posted:

Saturday 16th August 2014


Alton Towers have confirmed on the phone today that this years scarerooms will have an annual pass rate. Previously the resort were saying that they weren't going to doing an annual pass rate however due to the amount of people complaining and asking about it they have given in and have knocked off £30 from the price. Originally costing £280 per person the event is being advertised as £250 per person for an annual pass holder. 

This includes Maze tickets, dinner, overnight stay in the towers, breakfast and car parking. This package takes out the park entry tickets however comparing it to last year the event price, it has dramatically increased! The website currently only has the normal rate however this has been confirmed via the booking and information line when trying to book our stay. More information on Scarerooms can be found in our previous post. 

To book a scarerooms package you must ring up the hotel and booking information line. 

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