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Azteca hotel details emerge

Date Posted:

Monday 10th February 2014


As the theme park season gets closer and closer more information is coming to light about new attractions for parks. This summer Chessington world of adventures will be opening there new hotel Azteca. Azteca is a new hotel extension being built for the summer season estimated to open 3rd August 2014, the hotel will have 3 new bedroom designs which will be the following: 


This is the perfect room to ‘bed down’ in before or after your Chessington expedition.

With so much to explore this room provides an ideal base camp for your wild adventure.

Temple Treasure

Start your ascent and uncover the mysteries that lie within the ancient temple as you discover a room full of hidden gems.

Temple Summit

Unlock the explorer within by heading straight to the top and staying in a Temple Summit room, where you will feel truly immersed by the magnificent views of the mysterious temple ruins and enjoy breathtaking scenery without stepping foot outside of your room.

Along with these new rooms the old hotel is being renamed to the “Chessington Safari Hotel” We shall be heading up to Chessington this weekend for their African Adventures event so we will try grab some hotel updates then.

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