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Chessington 2022 Mardi GRRRA Information Released

Chessington World Of Adventures
Thursday 5th May 2022
Adventurers! Get ready to throw your beads in the air, because it’s time to hit the streets and bring on the celebrations at Mardi GRRRA! – brand new at Chessington World of Adventures Resort for 2022.

Included in your theme park and zoo ticket, enjoy dazzling celebrations, colourful entertainment, tasty food and of course fabulous rides and animals too! It’s the family-fun street carnival where your little party animals can experience the buzz of the world-famous Mardi Gras festival, with a unique Chessington twist.

There is something at MARDI GRRRA! for all ages - from your toddler to your teen – with wonderful entertainment that will really get you in the summer groove. This is the feel-good event you’ll be crazy to miss, so spring into summer at Chessington’s most dazzling, explosive, and WILD street party it’s ever seen.


Celebrate with our flamboyant Kreature Krewes, who have taken to the streets all around the Resort; each Krewe of party animals are representing some of our most iconic, dazzling, and spectacular species, in a jamboree of dance, music and entertainment.

Be part of the party! We invite all adventurers to get involved when they visit MARDI GRRRA! Make sure you arrive all dressed up to represent you favourite Krewe, so you can join in with the celebrations. All of our Kreature Krewes are buzzing for you to come and party with them – find out more about each one below and pick your favourite…


Join everyone’s favourite patchwork elephant, hosting party dances where everyone’s included!


Get into the groove with these cool kittens, whose big cat ‘cha-cha’ dance will be the talk of the town.


This krewe are bringing the vibes, with lively drum beats that will have everyone moving.


Make sure you look up this elegant flock – will you spot the feathered hoop aerialist?


Over on the Mane Stage, the Carnival Spectacle show will bring families together as they enjoy a show led by The Jester, who will attempt to impress the Lion King and Lioness Queen. Make sure the whole family is ready for some bead throwing at the end – how many will you collect?


It wouldn’t be a carnival without some mouth-watering food, as New Orleans and Mardi Gras inspired family favourites land on the menu of the existing restaurants and pop-up stalls open their hatches down the new Mardi Grub Ave. These tasty new party food options include Po’ Boy sandwiches and King Cake inspired sweet treats such as delicious cinnamon donuts topped with multicoloured festive icing.


MARDI GRRRA! is fabulous for your little ones, with entertainment which is suitable for toddlers. During term-time weekdays in June, you can bring your pre-schoolers to experience this colourful carnival, including the vibrant Elmer’s Colour Krewe, for as little as £25 for an adult and toddler!