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Chessington Creaky Cafe on fire

Chessington World Of Adventures
Saturday 21st December 2013
Firefighters are once again at Chessington world of adventures this morning due to a 50 by 50 meter fire at the creaky cafe which is host to the santa walk through attraction at tis years christmas event. As shown by the photo below fire and smoke is fulling the air and local roads are currently closed. The London fire brigade said eight fire engines are on the scene at the resort's Creaky Cafe, close to the park's animal enclosures, including areas where sea lions and lions are being kept. The park is closed today and the park have promised us updates on there Facebook page when more news becomes available. The fire happened when the park was closed but we will continue to update you on our Facebook page and on this news story.


Its now been two days after the fire happened and everything has calmed down at Chessington. The park remains closed to the public apart from hotel visitors who are aloud in selected areas of the festive zoo days line up. We understand that people are able to get as far as the lions and sea lions area. Before people used to be able to get to sea storm and walk around that small area but because of the fire and on going work in the area we think that its all been closed so the area can be cleared. The park are re opening the park to the public on boxing day for the festive zoo days however santa will not be making a appearance. The park have put a information page up on there website with the latest information.


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