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Closed Season Begins

Sunday 6th November 2016
The closed season is finally here! Today Nemesis and The Smiler did its last laps of the year. With Thorpe Park, Chessington World Of Adventures and Legoland Windsor Resort also closing over the past few days Alton Towers was the last to close its doors at 9pm today. 

2016 saw The Ghost Train open, Air get rethemed into Galactica, Chessington get a new Panda themed show and Legoland receive a new 4D show. This year saw the parks vigorously attacked by news papers over stupid events such as rides breaking down, as they should do under normal technical issues. We wont mention any names, The Sun, Daily Mail and many more! (Oh hang on we did! Oops?!) This year also brought the end of Bubbleworks a much loved dark ride at Chessington. 

Over the next few quiet months we shall be working hard on updating the main TPG website and looking at the possibility of getting some more TPG Team members! You know what they say… the more members in a team the easier it is for everyone else. And of course, your be in with the chance of going to exclusive events with us. 

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