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Extra Documents For Project Exodus Reveal Creek Freak Massacre Future

Thorpe Park
Wednesday 27th April 2022

Thorpe Park has added new documents to the planning application for Project Exodus, this is outlining issues such as noise complaints, the site access road and more interesting to enthusiasts. The possible future of the maze located within the Loggers Leap station, Creek Freak Massacre. 

Located behind Burger King, a new site access road will be built, this will use the area previously used for Blair Witch and Zombie Hunt. This area has recently been gutted of all Fright Nights props and buildings. 

Located in a planning document it states...

"Hatched Area to be returned to park control between August and November 2022 to facilitate access to loggers leap scare maze"

This means if approved we could get one last year of Creek Freak Massacre. Also located in the plans shows that the park would make a new entrance to the queue line for the maze. A new temporary entrance and pathway would be built for the Fright Nights attraction, this would be located just behind Samarui in an area previously used for Platform 15. 


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