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Flying Jumbos Moved Confirmed

Date Posted:

Sunday 5th February 2012


After weeks of people saying that the flying jumbos might be moving location we can almost now confirm that they will be moving to the old radeo site. The operators booth has been completely gutted and all of the wood that used to be in the control booth has been replaced so its looking very good for a possible re-theme / move. In the first photo as seen below we see the old flying jumbos poles and equipment now the old fence that Chessington put up many years ago is going to have to come down so they can move the ride over there and for the entrance but there's still time for everything to be done! However if Chessington do move the ride to this new location then there going to have to slightly infill the bigger hole as the hole that the flying jumbos had was smaller than this new site.

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