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Halloween Hocus Pocus delivery

Date Posted:

Saturday 31st August 2013


It's coming towards the end of the theme park season and it's the time that theme parks start to get their head into gear and start to get ready for Halloween. This year Chessington will be rethemeing the hocus pocus hall into a new attraction for 2013 called The Mystery of Hocus Pocus Hall. When on park 30th august feeding the giraffes on park we noticed a van going up and down the road a lot, however on closer inspection we noticed it was the parks Halloween theming being delivered to the park. In the photo we can see the good old Chessington pumpkin making a return however in the rest of the truck there's loads of bubble wrapped objects. The photos don't show it but there were loads of mannequins in the truck along with what looked like old tables and chairs.

For more information about Chessington's Halloween event check out the parks website:

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