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London Dungeons move confirmed

Date Posted:

Thursday 26th April 2012


Earlier this month we reported that the London Dungeons may be moving to Country hall near the London eye ticket office and the sea life centre. After weeks of speculation the London Dungeons have now confirmed that they will be moving as soon as Christmas. This new location will give them more room to expand also everything would get a upgrade and a makeover as the old attraction looks to be staying open whilst the new location is fitted.

The London Dungeons have said this about the move, “We have had to come to an agreement with Network Rail that we will vacate that space by the end of the year, hence timing is really quite critical for this project," This looks to be a great investment by the Merlin group as the current location has now ran out of room to expand and this new location shall give the Merlin Group lots more room than they currently have plus a huge indoor queue line to entertain people whilst they wait for there “bloody tour” to begin.

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