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Maze Construction Begins For Fright Nights 2022

Thorpe Park
Thursday 11th August 2022
Trailers for the Fright Nights 2022 lineup have begun, but bigger work has started next to The Swarm at Thorpe Park, and it's HUGE! 

Work on building a new Fright Nights maze or experience has begun on the Island next to The Swarm. When riding The Swarm today we noticed that 4 new shipping containers have been installed where The Walking Dead: Sanctum once stood. A new fence also appears to be being installed to secure the area better. It is currently unknown if this is the new maze or the experience but our best guess would be if this is a new maze! 

Cut into the side of these containers are lots of doors which could mean this maze has multiple rooms and routes?! Of course,  we will continue to keep an eye out for anything else over the next few weeks. 

Unforcently due to the trees and location of the maze you can't get many photos of this new attraction. All photos taken are from queue lines and public areas, of course never take your phone out on the rides. We know fright nights is exciting but it's not worth breaking the rules and getting yourself banned ;) 


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