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Merlin Re-Introduces Monthly Payment Plan For Annual Passes

Date Posted:

Monday 10th December 2018


Merlin has reintroduced a monthly payment plan for Merlin Annual Passes allowing customers more options when it comes to purchasing Merlin's pass to 32 UK Attractions.

Known as Merlin Pass Monthly Membership, the scheme is available for Standard and Premium passes with prices being £8.99 (with a £29.99 joining fee) for the Standard pass and £11.99 (with a £34.99 joining fee) for the Premium pass.

These payments are paid monthly and are for a minimum of 12 months meaning that you will need to have your pass at least a year before you can willingly cancel. Once your first 12 months has elapsed you can cancel at any time by giving Merlin appropriate notice.

In terms of price difference, After 12 months of paying for the Standard pass you would have paid £137.89 as opposed to the one-off payment of £179 and the Premium pass is £178.87 as opposed to the one-off payment of £229 meaning the Membership is cheaper than buying the pass outright, it is worth mentioning that the Monthly Membership has no reduction in benefits, although bear in mind there is no family discount like when purchasing the passes outright.

Merlin introduced the monthly payment plan for the first time in 2013 for the annual passes, the prices were similar to what is now being offered apart from the new introduction of a one time joining fee.  

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