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More Plans For 2016 Ride

Date Posted:

Tuesday 7th April 2015


Thorpe Park have submitted more plans to the local authorities regarding the parks next big investment, code named WC16. Plans to build a 8m high tower have been submitted which will be built in the plaza area of the ride. The tower looks to be being built out of bricks featuring smashed and boarded up windows. 

The broken windows on the tower fit into the old abandoned building theme we believe the attraction will have. Although some of the places have “Project Whitechapel” written on them we believe the ride will have a unique theme and will not be based on an ip. A code name for the project has also been confirmed, WC16 will be the new attractions project name. Previously LC12 was used as The Swarms project name. 

Modifications to the covered queue line have also been submitted in these plans, previously all of the queue line would be covered however now only a small section will be covered from the elements. The value of the plaza theming feature and the queue line entrance is set to be 3 million pounds. This does not include the cost of the ride hardware or the theming inside the attraction. 

Plans for the attraction can be found on the Runnymede website under the application ID: RU.15/0605

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