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Nemesis Sub Terra update

Date Posted:

Wednesday 25th January 2012


Once again we have got a huge update for nemesis sub-terra, now the ride foundations have now been fully done and the ride has started to be inserted into the huge put that alton towers have made for the ride. Now the photos that we have got below show us a few things such as the fact that the ride is going to be a huge drop tower ride which could move depending on the ride type. Also in the photos below we see a photo of what could be the new station / box there making to host the ride starting to take shape. Now as you may know by now half term is going to be coming up in the next few weeks and nemesis is going to be open so we shall be able to get a up close look at the ride site and what is happening. We shall keep you up to date with this topic when we get the news so check back soon, photos copyright to alton towers.

Photo Gallery: