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New Rollercoaster At Europa Park to open in 2023

Europa Park
Thursday 17th March 2022

Europa Park in Rust, Germany has announced today teasers surrounding their new rollercoaster arriving at the park for 2023.

In an announcement made by Michael Mack on Twitter, He introduced us to the new rollercoaster as well as provided a link to a video series that will be shown on VeeJoy, A streaming service that features documentaries and films about the park and even a few series showing the making of, like the one linked.

The description of the video translated states the following:

"Europa-Park keeps growing! In Germany's most popular amusement park, one of the most modern and spectacular coasters in Europe will be built in the coming months. In an exclusive, monthly VEEJOY documentation, two of the makers of the railway accompany the construction in real time - from the vision to the maiden voyage. In the middle of the action, personal, authentic."

The video shows two men on the site of the soon-to-be-built new area of the park, as well as showing off snippets of plans, rendered footage, etc. and in the video they explain that they will do a monthly series from May.

From the brief footage and the still image of the series, it seems that the rollercoaster will be a Mack Big Dipper, the same as Lost Gravity in Walibi Holland.

From the description of the series, we can already establish the name or possibly the codename of the attraction/area.


Ω is the Greek letter Omega, however, is also a reference to the measurement of currency, ohms. The new ride will be built in a new Croatia area of the park and is expected to open in 2023.



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