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Oblivion breach of safety incident

Date Posted:

Monday 14th May 2012


On Wednesday 9th May 2012 a man adventured into the Oblivion restricted area where the car drops into the ground. As shown by the photo below the man some how managed to get onto the ledge off the ride. It is understood he was close to the edge but too high up in order for members of staff to get him to jump down and follow the tunnel to the end of the ride.  

The emergency services got the equipment to get him down and they said, “The man was not injured and was arrested for causing a public nuisance.” The member of the public was a visitor to the park and was with a large group the ride has now reopened following the event. The status of the man is currently unknown if he has been released or if he is still being questioned, what do you think should happen to him?

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