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Preview of London Dungeons advert

Date Posted:

Tuesday 19th February 2013


Open day for the brand new London Dungeons is almost upon us, the entrance to the dungeons is almost completed with the front torches now being tested at multiple points throughout the day. As well as the torches at the front we have some new marble finished boxes showing posters which may eventually turn into computer screens? When we went up to London to take a photo of the new entrance a member of staff dressed in normal clothing came us to us to interview us about what we thought about the new look and to show us the new TV advert.

**Spoilers to follow**The new TV advert is a montage of everything at the dungeons, the entrance titles shows that they have moved next to the London eye and the sea life centre then turning into a shot of people outside a old market place floating mid air. We cant remember everything bit by bit but there were shots from the lift, drop tower ride, guy forks and miss lovett's pie shop. The new dungeons is set to open to the public on 1st March 2013 and we will be going up there for the annual pass day on the Tuesday before to be the dungeons “test subjects” we will of course try not to spoil it for people that don't want to see the inside at all so everything that could potentially spoil the experience will be in there spoiler tags.

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