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Rulantica Officially Opens

Date Posted:

Thursday 28th November 2019


The 28th November marked the official opening for the highly anticipated ‘Rulantica – the new water world at Europa-Park’. Consisting of 450,000 Square meters (including areas for expansion), and including a whopping 17 water slides this Scandinavian-style water adventure world is guaranteed to provide a fantastic day out for the family.

After just 26 months of construction the waterpark has been officially opened to the public by the Mack family. Located next to ‘Krønasår - The Museum-Hotel’ which is a new hotel that was built and opened in 2019 as part of the expansion. The project is the biggest single investment in the Mack company’s history, and paves the way for future investment with new areas and slides in the coming years. Rulantica has brought 300 new staff members to the team and even allowed the use of innovative technologies such as the solar-powered carport, expected to generate around 1.1 million kWh annually.

Rulantica, is more than just a name for the waterpark. Developed by MackMedia, an entire story has been created. This mystical Nordic island, Rulantica is used as the setting for the waterpark. Within the story you are introduced to Snorri, an octopus character. Snorri can be seen within the waterpark and also in Europa park on the ride Snorri Touren, a ride based around the character himself. The story of Rulantica is being released as a two part novel, with the first part available to purchase now. (Currently only printed in german)

With the newly built waterpark now open, guests now have a reason to visit Europa Park during the closed season when the main theme park is closed. Rulantica is open all year round 10am-10pm with the exception of 25th December when its closed. (check the website for details or any other planned closures) The water park can operate at a capacity of 3500 people at any one time, and ticket reservations are recommended and can be purchased online. Day ticket prices start from €38.50 for Adults and €35.50 for children aged 4-11 (kids under 4 are free to enter). If you don't want to spend all day in the waterpark, evening tickets are also available at €35.50 for Adults and €32.50  for children aged 4-11 ( kids under 4 are free to enter).For more information visit the Europa Park website.

The new water park Rulantica is built next to the ‘Krønasår - The Museum-Hotel’ and is connected via a link bridge. Guests staying in any of the Europa Park Hotel get access into the waterpark from 9am each morning. A complimentary Shuttle bus operates between Hotel Krønasår and the other Europa park hotels, so no need to walk! 

The waterpark is split into nine different sections/settings, all are expertly themed to what can typically be seen around the Europe Park Theme Park. Each area offers a Nordic Theme designed to capture the imagination of the visitors attending the waterpark. Here is a look at the different settings, and what's included within then:  

Vinterhal Area

  • Gigantic glacier mountain

  • Svalgur’ frozen sea snake

  • ‘Isbrekker’: Two ‘Shotgun Fall’-type slides, where guests swoosh down and take a free fall from a height of 1.5 metres into the water at the end. (min. 8 years, min. 125cm)

  • ‘Vinter Rytt’: ‘Tornado Wave’-type; guests glide up an almost vertical wall in tyres accommodating up to four people. (min. 10 years, min. 125cm)

  • ‘Svalgur Rytt’: The rafting slide can accommodate up to four people in one tyre. Oodles of serpentine curves promise plenty of action for the whole family. (min. 10 years, min. 110cm)

  • ‘Stormvind’: The ride starts rapidly in the breathtaking slide’s double tyres, taking visitors into a huge whirlpool that sucks them into the abyss. (min. 10 years, min. 110cm)

  • ‘Två Fall’: In the tube slide, two guests are whooshed around the many curves in one tyre. (min. 6 years, min. 110cm)*


Trølldal Area

  • large water playground for the youngest guests

  • shallow pools

  • climbing and playing facilities

  • Schabernakker’: exciting double slide for the youngest visitors (3 – 12 years, min. 110cm)*

  • Tommelplums’ and ‘Kullerbuller’: lovingly designed children’s slides (3 – 12 years, 95 – 150cm)*


Rangnakor Area

  • city on stilts belonging to the inhabitants of Rulantica

  • Eight exclusive and custom-designed ‘Komfort Hyddas’; refuge for up to four people with a magnificent view of Rulantica; can be booked for a surcharge

  • Eight ‘Komfort Sofas’: Ideal refuge for two people in the middle of the indoor water world; can be booked for surcharge

  • ‘Skål Bar’: Cocktails and refreshments with a breathtaking view of Rulantica

  • ‘Snekkjas’ self-service restaurant: Snacks and little delicacies at the foot of the city on stilts with a spacious outdoor terrace

  • ‘Dugdrob & Vildfål’: The two AquaRocket slides ensure maximum thrill. A bottom flap opens and the guest takes a free fall. (min. 12 years)

  • ‘Odinrås’ –‘Hugin’ & ‘Munin’: Two adjacent slide tunnels with tight bends allow visitors to face off against each other in double tyres. (min. 8 years, min. 125cm)


Vildstrøm Area

  • ‘Vildstrøm’: rapids in the outdoor area of Rulantica in a Nordic landscape (min. 8 years, min. 125cm)**


Frigg Tempel Area

  • ‘Frigg Tempel’: large heated outdoor pool

  • ‘Tempel Krog’ swim-up bar: delicious refreshments in the outdoor area of Rulantica*


Snorri’s Saga Area

  • ‘Snorri’s Saga’: A cosy indoor canal flows through the water adventure world; guests float through Rulantica lying on a tyre ring.


Skip Beach Area

  • adventure pool with sailing ship, steamboat, slides and obstacle course

  • ‘Överstor’: The whole family can plunge into the cool water together on the wide slide. (min. 6 years)

  • ‘Översnabb’: Adventurous visitors slide into the pool from the deck of the steamer. (min. 6 years)

  • ‘Översnurra’: The tube slide is just the right thing for young swimmers. (min. 6 years)

  • ‘Hoppablad’: Here, visitors can demonstrate their skills by walking across the water on movable elements.

  • ‘Vågstycke’: A stranded steamer for curious explorers

  • ‘Nordstjernan’: The sunken three-master vessel invites adventurers to explore.


Skog Lagoon Area

  • ‘Skog Lagoon’: A peaceful oasis featuring bubble loungers, whirlpool and small waterfalls

  • ‘Skogbar’ swim-up bar: Cocktails and delicious refreshments in the middle of the lagoon



  • colourful grotto and waterfall

  • ‘Surf Fjørd’: Large wave pool in the heart of Rulantica

  • ‘Lumålunda’ self-service restaurant: Feasting on the restaurant terrace at ‘Surf Fjørd’.

  • ‘Snorri’s Grotta’ shop: Here’s where you can find the perfect souvenir to take back home.


* under 8 years only under the supervision of a parent or guardian

** shorter than 125cm and without swimming badge only under the supervision of an adult

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