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Saw Alive Repair Work Underway

Date Posted:

Monday 2nd May 2011


As you may know Thorpe Park's saw alive horror maze ride recently had a fire causing the ride to be shut down to be repaired and fixed up so the ride is ready to be open again. We where at the park on Friday on the day of the royal wedding and we were talking to one of the builders who has asked to remain nameless who said, the inside of the ride is terrible it looks like its gonna take a while to fix up! Now the actors that used to be inside the ride have been put in saw the ride making the ride even beter! However if you dont want to see the actors you just tell the girl on the entrance and she shall get you past them. Thorpe Park currently have 2 skips at the front of the ride and in the skips you can see there is a lot of burnt stuff! 

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