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Slammer receives extra maintenance

Date Posted:

Saturday 26th April 2014


Over the past few years Slammer at Thorpe Park has had its fair share of problems. With the ride being closed most of the season Slammer really is looking like a piece of history. However in a post on another website the park said the ride would be up and running for the start of the theme park season this year. The ride is yet to reopen however the ride has been testing for a good part of the open season so far which leads us to think that the ride reopening should be close now?

In a testing video we posted on our Facebook page last week you might have noticed a strange sound in the background. That noise in fact is the air cylinders or the motors still wearing in. However a engineer we know who has seen the video believe its just a small air leak which could be why the engineers where taking the pipes apart the other day when we were on park as imaged below.

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