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Sub Species Operation Lockdown

Date Posted:

Monday 10th August 2015


Alton Towers have announced a brand new extreme horror escape experience new 2015 called Sub Species: Operation Lockdown. Starting 17th October 2015 Scarefest is set to be the biggest event of the year with late night rides and scare attractions. Tickets for sub species operation lockdown are from £99 per person with 20% discount for Merlin Annual Pass Holders. Over 18’s only!

Sub Species: Operation Lockdown is a two hour extreme horror escape room experience. As Phalanx Operatives you'll be put into small groups and must complete a series of challenges throughout the operation including facing one of three escape rooms. Gain points by being the least contaminated Operative at the end of the mission and be entered in the leader board of infamous Phalanx Ranked Operatives. This will be a test of skill and nerve as you work together as team.

In 1994, a government organisation known as The Phalanx, tasked with protecting the world from unknown threats, took on their most high profile case ever - to control the Nemesis creature and contain those that served it to the underground. Now, this post-apocalyptic, sewer dwelling community has been infested by a species from another world. The Phalanx have been called upon again to destroy the threat and they need you to join their ranks; become a Phalanx Operative and help battle the latest threat to life as we know it.

Join The Phalanx on their latest mission and take on a series of challenges to destroy the alien species and ensure you and the rest of humanity survive.

From £99 per person

20% discount for Merlin Annual Pass holders. Limited places and times.

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