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TPG Rumour Mill Alton Towers 2017 Ride

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Tuesday 29th November 2016


Good Evening and welcome to the Theme Park Guide Rumour Mill a new series here on Theme Park Guide all about theme park related speculation and things we hear through the grapevine.

This week we are going to do some investigating into what could be coming to Cbeebies Land at Alton Towers for 2017.

We all knew a new family attraction was coming after plans were released early this year for a “New Round Ride”

There has been a fair bit of speculation about what this new attraction could be, some have considered an attraction coming from Chessington such as Flying Jumbos or the Black Buccaneer  and being rethemed however I have a theory that this attraction could be brand new and from a relatively unknown manufacturer.

I present to you, Garmendale. Who are Garmendale you ask? Well they provide a lot of work for many UK and abroad parks, from maintaining rides such as Rush at Thorpe Park to providing Air Gates for Alton Towers and even providing their own dark rides no less!

So how did I come to this deduction that these would be manufacturing a flat ride? With this announcement I was intrigued…

A major theme park you say? With the ability to theme it to any IP, would be perfect for a Cbeebies themed flat ride!

This seems like a perfect match for Alton Towers and certainly seems to match up to the plans, so now… Let’s see how they are getting on (Credit to Garmendale’s Facebook / Website)

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