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The Smiler Collision Causes Serious Injuries

Date Posted:

Tuesday 2nd June 2015


The Smiler at Alton Towers Resort has been involved in a major incident after one of the cars stopped mid course resulting in another car with 16 people on board to crash into the stationary vehicle. The car that had stopped luckily had no people on it however 4 of the 16 people on board of the other car have sustained serious injuries. A group of teenagers seated at the front 2 males and 2 females have sustained leg injuries however they are not life threatening! Four Air Ambulances where in attendance at the scene and all people in the area where asked to move along. 

The incident happened at 2:09pm, 2th June 2015 at the lower section of the ride. Riders where left stranded for a while whilst a temporary rescue platform was made to gain access to the car and to secure the ride vehicles. The train came to a stop at a 45 degree angle making the rescue a lot harder than normal evacuations of rollercoasters. According to posts on the Alton Towers Facebook Page the ride had been experiencing problems during the day and was closed for a short period for work to be done to it. The park has said “This is the worst incident in history” according to ITV News. 

Prior to todays incident the ride had stopped twice in the same section but without people on the ride. The ride has had its fair share of problems over time with parts of the second lift hill chain coming off November 2013. The ride was closed whilst the problem was resolved however with this incident being more serious it is currently unknown when the ride will reopen. As off 7:00pm it is believed that health and safety officials have arrived on site to gather information as to what happened! All guests on board the ride have now been rescued. It is believed that Alton Towers where quick to respond to the incident with paramedics on site within minutes of the incident happening. We wish all of those involved in the incident a quick and speedy recovery. 


The decision has been taken that Alton Towers theme park will not open tomorrow Wednesday 3rd June following the dreadful incident on The Smiler today. All guests with pre-booked tickets, or those who arrive at the theme park, will have the choice of either having their tickets revalidated for an alternative date or a full refund. 

Photos from the Official West Midlands Ambulance Website: 

The latest statement from the divisional director of Alton Towers, Ian Crabbe regarding today's incident on The Smiler:

“May I first say that my colleagues and I are devastated by what has happened here today, and our only priority at this time is to work with the emergency services to get the 16 people affected off the ride safely, and most importantly those who are injured are being cared for. Our concern is with and for them and for their safety,and all our thoughts and efforts are focused on them.”

“Just to recap at around 2pm this afternoon there was an incident on the Smiler ride involving two carriages coming together on a low section of the track. One of the carriages was empty and the other had 16 guests in.”

“A full investigation is under way,and representatives of the Health and Safety Executive are already on site and working with us. But as I said our absolute priority at the moment is to ensure that all the guests affected are safely off the ride and are being cared for.”

Posted on the Alton Towers Facebook Page: 

“The Police have issued a Casualty Bureau phone number for anybody concerned about friends or relatives that may have been affected by the incident on The Smiler at Alton Towers Resort today. Please contact 0800 056 0154 for more information.”

Taken from the Official West Midlands Ambulance: 

“A 999 call was received from the resort at 2.09pm reporting that a carriage of The Smiler had collided with a stationary carriage. Community first responders based at the theme park were first on scene and four ambulances, the Midlands Air Ambulance from Cosford with a MERIT trauma doctor on board, two further BASICS doctors and several senior paramedic managers have been sent to the scene.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokeswoman said: “There are 16 patients on board The Smiler requiring triage, four of which have reported serious injuries.”

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