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The ultimate sleepover!

Date Posted:

Saturday 16th August 2014


Scareroom’s are back again this year however they will no longer be in the Alton Towers hotel! Being advertised as “The ultimate sleepover” this years scarerooms will be hosted in the towers. This years scarerooms event has been given the following description: 

“Could you spend a night in one of the most haunted locations in the UK? 

For the very first time the doors of the gothic Towers will be opened as you are invited to bed down and experience the terror that lies within the historic walls. 

Few know the dark secrets that the plague the Towers, but only once the doors have been locked and the crowds gone do the shadows begin to creep. Join us on a sleep over like no other…will you survive the night?”

Unlike previous scarerooms this years is only being advertised as a package with theme parks tickets, screams ticket, parking and food included. The current costs is £280 per person however as a phone call to the information and booking line they have said that they will pass the information onto marketing that another guest has asked about annual pass discount. Apparently if more guests ring up and ask about annual pass discount on the event the more likelihood on marketing changing there minds and giving in. The scarerooms in the towers will start Thursday 23rd October until Saturday 1st November.

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