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Thorpe Park Reveal Ideas For Old Town Rollercoaster

Thorpe Park
Thursday 9th December 2021
Thorpe Park has shown off plans for its new rollercoaster today at the public consultation event. Located in Old Town the new rollercoaster will replace Loggers Leap, Rocky Express and two children's rides. 

No photos were allowed during the event but we can reveal some information that was revealed! 

The project name appears to be: Project Exodus. A poster in the Fright Nights maze Trailers seems to match this project name.

The ride will have a maximum height of 72 meters / 236 feet. Taller than Stealth. The ride appears to possibly have 2 maybe 3 inversions. 

Leaving the station, the ride appears to take an outer bank curve similar to Untamed at Walibi Holland. 

The station for the ride will be located where the old train station for Canada Creek Railway currently still stands. With a maintenance shed for it near Burger King. A viewing area for the ride will be located at the exit of the attraction and will look over the lake.

The colour scheme of the ride will try to follow Stealth's to remain as hidden as possible with the higher parts of the ride possibly painted white and the lower sections blue. 

Plans will be available from tomorrow as part of the consultation. 
This is groundbreaking news from the park and we can’t wait to see the project continue. 

A brief setup of the planning and consultation period:

Public consultation starts - 9th December 2021

January / February 2022 - Reviewing feedback and comments  

Spring 2022 - Submit plans to the local council 

Spring / Summer 2022 -  A planning decision possibly made 

Late 2022 - Construction to start 

Opening Date - All to be confirmed.  

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