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Zufari mini site

Date Posted:

Wednesday 21st November 2012


Chessington World Of Adventures have now fully launched there Zufari mini site the new ride for the 2013 season taking riders into a off road journey. The mini site currently contains a adventurers sign up page where people can enter there email and name to get the latest update on the ride. To get to this mini site just go to the Chessington website and click on Zufari or use the link here: Along with the email box theres a countdown to the ride opening to the public along with a description of the ride which follows:

“Hello Adventurer, we are the African Conservation, Research & Exploration team (ACRE) and we are going to need your help. 2013 will be an exciting time to join our expedition. Initial investigations have already unearthed a previously undiscovered land which we have named “Zufari”. The only signs of civilization are some mysterious African carvings that we believe are warnings.So come and jump aboard our ultimate off-road truck, splash and career through the extreme terrain, encounter towering giraffes, powerful white rhino and many more impressive species. Help us get to the bottom of the mysterious goings on.”

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